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Pie-Craft Pvp Review

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danger12001 avatar danger12001
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well hello people... as you can see i'm trying something new for a change, im doing server reviews!

before i start this review i would like you to please take note to the following:
-This is my first review and some constructive advice would be appreciated
-Any Writing advice would be appreciated
-I do reviews towards certain sections

So lets get to the review!

Today i'm reviewing Pie-Craft Pvp(aka HungerCraft)

The server will be inspected on the following sections:
1. Lag
2. World rating
3. staff

1. Lag:

well for someone from South Africa running on a 1 Mb internet line lag wasn't to bad, very minimum!
although some areas do spike heavily and some commands do the same.
Rating: 6/10

2. World:

the spawn world is rather colorful and well build but the second you step out of it (portal teleport you away)
there is building spams right outside... it goes on in one direction for some distance

rating: 4/10

3. Staff:

I've called several times for a staff and nobody answered me even though there were mods and a co-owner online.

Rating: 5/10

4. Plugins/ Game-play:

The PMC page of the server said it was a pvp+ towny server
although i could not see towny being installed at all...only factions
false advertising perhaps... i would be able to find out about the other plugins if the staff seemed to answer me.
other than that you get a starter kit when first spawned. its not to overpowering: iron sword, stone tool kit, 5 cooked pork chops and a bow with a few arrows.

Rating: 4/10

5. Rules/Punishment:

The server rules are very basic but punishment results in a ban!
its a good/bad thing as there is a lack of trouble makers but can be a bad thing to!

Rating 7/10

Its a nice server for factions... quiet but nice to play on.
Total Rating: 26/50

here is the PMC page of the server if you are interested!

thanks for reading


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