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The Pillager King | The Minecraft Series | Book 3 Corner

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 46 : Master Dolphin
This time, the heroes are the attackers
As they march through the night
Dangers await them
Many thanks to MrBrickExtra (Nex), Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX (Alone), LittleDino2022 (Dino) and LucisFerrer (Lucis)
Short Chapter: Back In Reality
The Police was all over looking for Rip, it was the same thing with Dan two years ago...
Lindsay watched from the TV, this time in reality
It was 4:30 and school ended 30 minutes ago, she was supposed to be with the others, but she wasn't
She still wondered if they were okay

Chapter 1: Bye, Home
Corner turned on Defending Mode on the Obsidian Keep, they were heading out, they might not even come back
The Obsidian Keep's weapons activated, the cameras scanning the area
"Ready to go?" he asked as he walked down
"Got the main things we need" said Kai

Odin closed the gates behind them as they walked out
"I got Mr. Mojang to check on this place regularly" said Kai
"Nice" said Sophie
It was only Corner, Kai, Sophie and Odin left in the team, maybe Ashtyn was still alive

"He should be hard to find" said Sophie
"You mean Nex?" asked Corner
"Yeah, barely anybody has heard of him" said Sophie "But he usually lives near the North"
They started walking to the North

After a few minutes, they left the Meadow and came to a Forest, there was a River separating the Biomes
Kai went to the River and drank some water
"What?" he said as everybody stared at him "I'm saving the water supply!"
Kai then made the water separate which created land for them to walk through

Then in an hour, they passed a Forest, a Mangrove Swamp, a Jungle, a Snowy Plains, a Snowy Taiga, a Jagged Peaks, some Ice Spikes, a Frozen River then the Frozen Ocean.
"Do we have Boats?" asked Corner
"Brrr..." said Sophie
"No" said Odin
"I could clear a path but I think Sophie needs help" said Kai

"I'm losing a lot of stamina, Elves get cold easily, which leads to hunger and tiredness" said Sophie
"We got to rest" said Odin "It's getting dark"
"All of you need to rest" said Kai "I can go on with Water so don't waste your Food on me"
"I'll go get some wood" said Corner

"No, stay here" said Kai "I'll do it, protect the others"
Kai walked back to find some Wood
Corner shoveled the Dirt then made a small dirt hut
Corner and Odin carried Sophie into the dirt hut


"I don't think that's Kai" said Odin

Chapter 2: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corner peeked out of the side of the dirt hut, it was night and some Ice Drowned was rising from the ocean
Sophie reached for her Bow but Odin stopped her
Suddenly, the back of the dirt hut broke open revealing a few Ice Zombies
Corner passed the Robotic Suit he was wearing to Sophie and she put it on

Sophie fired Elven Arrows at the advancing Drowned
A Drowned with a Ice Trident threw his weapon which hit Odin in the leg and frost him
Corner was struggling to hold off the Ice Zombies, it would normally be easier but they were low on Stamina and Hunger
"What's going on here!?" shouted Kai as he joined the battle killing the Ice Zombies from behind

That was the last thing Corner saw as he frost due to a hit by an Ice Trident

Chapter 3: The New Guy
Corner woke up on a Bed somewhere
"Oh, you're awake" said Kai who was sitting in front of the Bed, there was another guy standing next to him
"Don't stand up" said the guy standing next to Kai "The Ice Trident hit you in the ribs, I'm Nex by the way. The guy you were looking for"
"Where are we?" asked Corner

"The Frozen Ocean Frostnorth Base" said Nex "It was our nearest base"
"Our?" said Corner
"I have a team called Frostnorth" said Nex
"How's Sophie and Odin" asked Corner

"Sophie's okay, she's warming up by the Heater" said Kai "Odin's not awake yet, he got frosted and hit in the leg"
"Kai told me about the Pillager King" said Nex "Odin won't be joining the adventure when he wakes up, he won't be able to walk for a while"
"Nor will Sophie" said Kai "She won't be able to stand the cold, the closest route to the Illager Castle has more snowy-type biomes than grassy-type biomes"

"So it's-" started Corner
"Just going to be the three of us" finished Nex "But I have somebody in mind"

Chapter 4: The End
Sophie and Odin went home when school ended, Odin was still limping
Kai and Corner headed towards the Science Lab and logged into Minecraft
"Oh there you are, I was waiting for you" said Nex
"So about the new recruit?" asked Kai

"He's name is Alone, he lives in the Outer Ender Islands" said Nex "He's a Mutant with multiple powers, unlike most Mutants"
"How do you even know him?" asked Corner
"He has been in contact with me before" said Nex "Also the End's temperature drops below 0 degrees"
"Come on, let's go" said Kai

"Follow me to the End Portal" said Nex
Nex brought them to a room with an End Portal in it, they jumped in
"Brrr..." shivered Kai as they emerged in the End
"Okay, Kai, me and Corner are going to lift you down, and you're going to pull the Lever under this platform" said Nex
"Why me?" asked Kai
"You're the smallest" said Corner

They lifted Kai down and he pulled the Lever and the Obsidian Platform started moving
They lifted Kai back up and onto the platform
"We should be at the Enderman soon" said Nex
"Enderman?" asked Corner
"Alone's base" said Nex

An giant statue of an Enderman floating near an End Island soon came to view, there were two people waiting at the Docking Port (The Enderman's head)
The obsidian platform hovered above the Enderman's head and they jumped down
"Oh, aren't you that guy who helped kill the Ender Eater?" asked Alone
"Yep, long time no see, Alone" said Nex

"Who's the other two?" asked Alone
"Corner and Kai" said Nex "We need your help this time"
"Happy to help" said Alone "This is Lucis by the way" pointing at the guy next to him
"Let's go in" said Lucis
"Don't mind, we'll be leaving soon" said Nex

Chapter 5: The Snowy Plains
Corner, Kai, Nex Alone and Lucis walked through a Snowy Plains biome, Alone and Lucis kept teleporting
Nex, Alone and Lucis didn't seem effected by the coldness but Corner and Kai was
Kai drank some water to increase his Stamina and Hunger Bar
Corner wouldn't have survived this long without the Robotic Suit

"We'll soon be reaching a Village, we can gather supplies there, the Villagers know me" said Nex
Just like Nex said, there saw a Snowy Village in the distance
After a few minutes of walking, they reached the Village
Nex got some Bread, Wheat, Eggs and Milk from a Villager Farmer for free

"Pillagers have been attacking this Village for a while" said Nex when he came back "The Farmer told me that"
"There's only one Iron Golem here you noticed" said Kai "He's pretty cracked up too"
"I'm going to get some Water from the Lake" said Kai "My water supply is all gone"
"I'm going to go fishing" said Alone following Kai

"Follow me" said Nex to Corner and Lucis
Nex walked to a Field where they were growing some Wheat
"Hey, if you give us all the Wheat we'll spawn ten more Iron Golems and fix the one currently here" said Nex
Lucis stared at him, so did Corner

"Pah" spat the owner of the field "I would rather sell them for Emeralds, come back when you have some"
One of the Villagers heard them talking "I can give you some Bread, and Cake"
"Okay, know anywhere we can mine the Iron?" asked Nex
"In the Mine, it's closed because they found a gigantic Cave Spider in there" said the Villager

"Deal" said Nex

Chapter 6: Spider-Hunting Or Spider-Friending?
Corner's Helmet glowed and illuminated some light for them to see
"We already have more than enough supplies" said Kai "Are you sure?"
"The is one of the two Villages on our path to the Illager Castle" said Nex "We need a lot of Food"
Alone's entire body started glowing purple, making the Cave light up

"I didn't know you could do that" said Nex
Suddenly, Red Eyes appeared until the entire Cave was filled with them
"WHO DARES TO ENTER THE SPIDER CAVE!!!" boomed a loud voice
A gigantic Cave Spider emerged into view

"You can talk?!" said Corner
"Of course I can, Cave Spiders are intelligent creatures, unlike that dumb Pillager King" said the gigantic Cave Spider
"Wait, you're enemies with the Pillager King?" asked Kai
"He drove us out of the Cave Spider Castle!" boomed the gigantic Cave Spider "But you'll never drive us out of this Cave!"

"We just want some Iron" said Nex "And you to stop attacking the Villagers when they mine, we're fighting the Pillager King too"
"How would I know you're telling the truth?" said the gigantic Cave Spider
"You can trust us" said Nex "Kingdom after Kingdom is slowly being conquered by the Illagers"
The gigantic Cave Spider stared Nex in the eyes, Nex stared back
"I believe you" said the gigantic Cave Spider at last "I am King Archaeid, the King of the Cave Spiders"

King Archaeid stepped aside letting them past, the rest of the Cave was entirely made out of Iron Ores
Alone and Lucis took out their Ender Pickaxes and started mining
"Thank you" said Nex to the Cave Spider King

Chapter 6: And On We Go Again
Kai and Corner spawned some Iron Golems as they had promised and fixed the one currently still alive
They soon left the Village and journeyed on
They passed a few Grassy-type biomes but more Snowy-type biomes
It soon turned dark and they set up camp at a Firefly Forest biome (Not real) and Corner and Kai logged out

Next morning, Mr. Mojang barged into the classroom "I need to see Lindsay, Corner, Kai, Odin and Sophie please!"
"I'm sorry, Mr. Mojang, but-" started Ms. Lily (The Maths Teacher)
"It's an emergency!" shouted Mr. Mojang
Ms. Lily sighed "Lindsay, Corner, Kai, Odin and Sophie, follow Mr. Mojang please"

"What's going on?" asked Corner once they were out of the classroom
"I discovered a new breakthrough, if Players die in Minecraft what happens?" said Mr. Mojang
"They respawn" said Kai
"It's the same thing with the Virtual Reality Minecraft, but the thing is, they respawn and will never be able to leave it, means they're a part of it" said Mr. Mojang
"Wait so-" started Corner
"Rip and Dan is alive!" finished Lindsay

They reached the Science Lab and went into the secret passage
"A few years ago, before I got you guys" said Mr. Mojang "We also had a team, but they all died trying to defeat the Pillager King"
"What's they're names?" asked Kai
"Nex, Alone, Lucis and Dino" said Mr. Mojang "Alone and Dino were just nicknames, but everyone called them that and the name stuck"

Kai looked at Corner, who looked at Sophie who looked at Odin, who looked back at Kai
"We meet them before" said Kai
"How are they?" asked Mr. Mojang "All of them are Mutants"
"Wait, you know about Mutants?" asked Sophie

"I am one myself" said Mr. Mojang
"They're helping us fight the Pillager King, though I'd never heard of Dino before" said Corner
"We're already on our way to the Illager Castle" said Kai "But Odin and Sophie are still back at the Frozen Ocean Frostnorth Base"
"What?" asked Mr. Mojang
"Nex's team's base" said Sophie

"I got hit in the leg and Sophie couldn't stand the cold" said Odin
"Good news, I found Dan" said Mr. Mojang "Bad news, the Obsidian Keep is destroyed"

Chapter 7: Grouping Up
Everybody except Mr. Mojang logged into Minecraft
"Dan and Lindsay will go to the Illager Castle together" said Mr. Mojang before they logged in "Odin and Sophie too and Kai and Corner"
When Corner and Kai logged in, Nex, Alone and Lucis were waiting for them
"Uh...Nex, who's Dino?" asked Kai

"How do you know that?" asked Alone
"Mr. Mojang told me" answered Kai
Lucis looked at Nex
"Dino was one of the old Minecraft team" Nex started "But after we all were killed, we spawned in different places, I didn't want you to know that I and Alone were friends so we set it up"

"Though we did kill the Ender Eater together" said Alone
"Dino was one of the team, the only one who saw light in every situation" continued Nex "He was also a Mutant, since we regrouped, we been looking everywhere for him, but no one has heard of him before"

"We better get going" said Lucis
They packed up and started walking again
The sun was just rising, the Fireflies started fading from view

After a few minutes of walking, a Pillager Outpost came into view
"Pillager Outposts surround the Illager Castle" said Nex
"Oh, Hi, Corner" said a voice behind them
It turned out to be Lindsay and Dan

"How did you get here so fast?" asked Kai
"I morphed into a Dragon and we flew here" said Lindsay
"Meet Nex, Alone and Lucis" said Corner
"Hi" said Dan
Nex, Alone, Lucis and Kai waved

"Intruders!" shouted a Pillager

Chapter 8: Battle By The Pillager Outpost
Dan jumped and did a flip in midair
"He has ninja powers" said Lindsay "Not a Mutant, a Hacker"
Alone and Lucis teleported behind the Illagers and did a surprise attack
Corner, Kai and Nex leapt into battle wielding their Swords

Nex fired Icicles from his hands at a Ravager
Lindsay blocked Arrows shot by Pillagers from the third floor of the Pillager Outpost
Dan stomped and made a wall of dirt rise up blocking a Ravager's charge
Alone and Lucis teleported up the Pillager Outpost and handled the Pillagers up there

Kai was helping Nex handle the Ravager
Corner saw the Pillager Captain riding a Ravager away
"He's getting away!" shouted Corner
Corner and Dan raced after the Pillager Captain while the others ran/teleported slowly behind them

But the Ravager was too fast, it soon reached the Illager Castle
"We're under attack!" shouted the Pillager Captain
Illagers swarmed out of the gates of the Illager Castle, with the Illager Leaders in front
"Well, well, well, look who is it" said the Pillager King "Attack!"

Chapter 10: The Last Stand
"Stop!" boomed a loud voice
The Cave Spider King crawled out of the Forest, followed by Rip, Sophie, Odin and another player
"Dino!" shouted Nex
"Nex!" shouted Dino

"Let's make this a fair fight shall we?" said King Arachnid
King Arachnid hissed and thousands of Cave Spiders crawled out of the Forest
"You will never win!" shouted the Pillager King "Attack!"

The Illagers ran forward, but King Pillager, Evoker King, Ravager King, Vindicator King and Illusioner Queen stayed behind
"Hiding behind like cowards!" hissed King Arachnid
The Cave Spiders charged forward

Corner activated his Exploding Boots, ran forward and jumped up and down making explosions
Rip swung his arms and tail around smashing Illagers
Dan made dirt blocks float and hurled them at a few Pillagers
Alone drew his Fishing Rod and cast the Rod straight into an Evoker's body

Lucis teleported around slashing with his End Crystal Sword then teleporting away
Sophie fired Elven Arrows at some Ravagers from a distance
Odin casted an Energy Spell which made a ball of energy then hurled it at an Illusioner which killed it
The Cave Spiders swarmed across Illagers and biting them

Kai was sword-and-axe-fighting with a Vindicator
Lindsay fought some Vexes spawned by an Evoker
King Arachnid fired webs which glued some Illagers onto the ground
Dino turned into a Totodile and chomped an Ravager's head, then a few Vexes, then an entire Pillager

The Pillager King knew that they were losing
"Retreat" he shouted "Retreat into the Illager Castle!"
The Illagers obeyed and the Illager Leaders ran in
At the last second, Sophie shot an Elven Arrow at the Pillager King which hit him in the back, he collapsed
The Cave Spider King pounced onto the Pillager King and knocked his Crown and Scepter away

"You have no power source now!" boomed King Arachnid "Surrender!"
"Never" the Pillager King smiled
The Pillager King started glowing green
"None of those are my power source, I was born with the power source, the power source is in me!" shouted the Pillager King

The Pillager King blasted King Arachnid back in a ray of green light, then he disappeared in a flash of green
Corner healed The Cave Spider King with an Potion Of Regeneration
"We can bust into the Illager Castle" said Kai
"They evacuted" said Alone pointing at an entire horde of Illagers running away

"We can go after them" said Corner
"It's not their fault" said King Arachnid
"So we lost?" asked Odin
"The Pillager King is not dead yet" said Kai "But we do have a victory"

Kai pointed at somebody running from the Illager Castle

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