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The Shatter -Steven universe-

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The thunder of bombs and giant fusions swinging their weapons rumbled against the landscape. Pink diamond sat in her panequin thinking quietly, with her pearl aside her and quartz gems walking alongside the panequin on each corner as it's spider-like legs moved across the rough landscape, wit the slight crunch of gem shards being stepped on below it.
Pink diamond thought quietly to herself, about her actions on Earth, and how wrong they may have been. She knows, no gem rebells unless for a great cause, and to defy their diamond it must of been a far great reason to rebel. Her fellow diamonds wanted to kill the rebellion, obliterate, destroy, shatter, demolish the rebellion, but Pink Diamond was not so sure. Maybe she had made a debestating choice to come to earth, maybe it is best that she left, and the rest of the diamond authority.
As Pink Diamond sat in her panequin, a sudden Poof came from the outside.
"ITS THE REBELLION" A Quartz yelled Out. But a swift poof came from the quartz. And as Pink Diamond looked out of her panequin, she seen it was the defective pearl.
And Her.
Pink Diamond's pearl quickly ran at the door rate when the Defective pearl came inside the pannequin, but the as the defective pearl came in, it punched Pink Diamond's pearl in the back, and sent her flying out of the pannequin. Then it seemed the whole world became quiet and still, and beside the small pearl came the leader of the rebellion, and one of Pink Diamond's once finest quartzes on Homeworld.
Rose Quartz.
Rose came in with her tattered dress and shining pink sword in one hand, and shield in the other. Rose nodded at the defective pearl, and she left the pannequin, leaving Pink Diamond and the Quartz that had once served her. And all the rubles of the battlefield seemed to stay outside of them, and leave the pannequin dead silent.
"Pink Diamond, stop attacking Earth, and its life" Said Rose quartz with a fierce expression. Pink Diamond closed her eyes for a second and nodded.
"I will stop you Rose Quartz" Pink diamond said in a stern voice. "But all because I gave up the fight, does not mean the other diamonds will not give up either." Rose looked at Pink Diamond with a surprised look. What will I have to do.. To stop this war than? The Quartz questioned to herself. It is the good sign that Pink Diamond gave up, but will the other diamonds lose their ground?
"Rose quartz" Pink diamond said in a stern voice looking up at Rose Quartz. Rose looked at Pink Diamond, as her eyes seem to glimmer in the low light of the pannequin. "The only war to stop this war, is to shatter a diamond."
Rose's Eyes started to tear up, and her sword dropped to the ground and her shield disappeared.
"I never wanted this war to be about shattering gems, or any diamond." Rose said to Pink Diamond, while trying to keep her voice calm."I wanted this war to be about Earth, and protecting it, not about millions of gems getting shattered, including you."
"But this is the only way now the war will end." Pink Diamond told Rose Quartz. "We all knew a moment like this would come, when just didn't know when."
Rose quartz nodded and started to tear up and she looked at her once beloved diamond. Pink diamond put her index finger on rose's cheek to wipe off the tear off her cheek and rose quartz looked up at pink diamond. Pink diamond wore a warm comforting smile on her face, and her hair glimmered in the low light in the pannequin.
Rose Quartz closed her eyes and held onto pink diamond's hand for a moment, almost hugging it on her cheek.
"If I could begin to be, half of what you think of me."
Rose quartz looked up, and it was the warm voice of Pink Diamond's singing seemed to echo off the pannequin and made the world that much more quieter.
"I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love."
"When I see the way you act, wondering when im coming back, I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love, like you." Pink Diamond sang to her quartz that she had always loved, even through this war.
Pink diamond adored her quartz through this war, and rose still respected Pink Diamond. But their time to finally separate had now come.
"I promise Pink Diamond, I will find a way to bring you back." Rose Quartz said to her diamond, still hugging her hand against her cheek. Pink Diamond nodded and gave Rose quartz a gentle smile. Pink diamond slowly and carefully took her hand out of rose's hug, and set it on the side of her chair. Where she sat in the pannequin, and rose picked her sword off the ground,
and where her and rose ended the war.

05/01/2018 9:49 am
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Oh wow my demise was so easy, ;-; Poke you could atleast make me fight before i died instead of this! xD
01/05/2017 9:45 pm
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