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EXCLUSIVE STORY - Pioneer of the Youth (Family Journals)

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Another short story about notable individuals. Part of Legacy of Prometheus Universe.
It's about a young pioneer working for the proclaimed Republic of Upplysningen before the invasion of Meteor Flies. Based on my grandpa's accounts for his experiences during the expansion of Truong Son Road in Vietnam War.
Original file (only unaltered Vietnamese version) meant for a writing contest that's failed from the start:
The Pioneer's Diary

Hard times create heroes
Hardships make the characteristics of a hero.
Historic youth in our republic,
Imprint in everlasting glory.
Aisleen in her twenties
Loyal to the end, the revolutionary path.
Arkolonios was full of enthusiasm
Flaming and burning in the heart.

The example is very bright,
The Dragon always praised.
To other nobody,
How many who know the merits?
Historical figures have many,
However, I would like to add more
An Insider's perspective
Of the ancestor I love.

A son of Northern Lights,
Growing up against imperialism.
The resistance against the Flies has grown,
The whole country sought the fame.
Rolling thunder resounded just now,
The typhoon covered the South.
Listening to the call of the Fatherland,
Into the Pioneer to serve the country.

Three years of enduring hardship,
Dedication to the Pioneers.
Say goodbye to deep-down feelings,
Embarking the way to the Void.
Allies in the homeland,
Immersing in the mountains and forests of the Void.
The Vaccum road is immense,
Rain, bombs, storms and bullets tear the sky.
Make roads, regulate, build bridges
The hard work piled up.

The enemy is full of treachery,
No intention for unity.
He who still determined to hold on
Traffic must be always smooth,
For transportation necessities.
Around him - promising men and women
With less than twenty of the lifetime.

Everyone realized that,
In the heart of a strong will.
Not afraid of suffering,
When serving for the republic.
Not an outstanding hero,
Not even holding a gun,
The victorious FD9 of NP,
Not shying away from duties of the Republic.

The Flies shattered down,
Their merits are well paid.
Worthy awards within reach
Embracing the people and family love.
Although nearly in 80s,
He still holds his pride.
As an accomplished youth,
For the generations to raise their heads.

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