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Hey guy, dogfan101 here. Today I'm gonna be talking about how to get on the pop reel. this will change your point of view about what the pop reel is. This is just a little tutorial on how to get there.

chapter 1. something new.

Do you ever wonder, ''why didn't my blog get on the pop reel?'' This is a question that crosses our mind about one to two weeks after we posted a blog. we get anxious, and this is what starts the question. It may have been the best blog out there, to you. sometimes, instead of, ''why didn't my blog get on the pop reel,'' you should ask yourself, ''what do the pop reel blogs have that i don't?'' This question may bring up new answers, so try them! It never hurts to try something new. If you read a blog over and over (one of your blogs), you might just find that something new!

chapter 2. advertizing.

advertizing a blog in chat can be hard. some people might say, come check out these cookies! you can click on that, and it takes you to a link. That's a hyperlink. a hyperlink is used to say something, but also advertize. It will attract more people than a plain, regular link. A hyperlink is just one of many forms of advertizing blogs. Another form is just leaving it be. If you let your blog sit there, some people might get interested by themselves. The last form I'm going to talk about today is servers. Servers don't have hyperlinks, so the best way to advertize it WOULD be to give the link. You can say some funny stuff after the link to make it appeal to they viewer's eyes. therefore, minecraft would be a form if advertizing!

chapter 3. fonts

fonts are in the top bar before the blog part of your blog. Try adding some sugar and spice to your blog by using color. it will pop out to the reader. you can also go simple. try using Italics, Underline, Bold, or all of them! they all work, so try them! make something stand out by highlighting! Don't forget to clean up. when your done, set your highlighter setting to white, and click the remove formatting button. it will clear your Settings. Things like this will really help!

chapter 4. wrapping it up

It's time to wrap this blog up. in conclusion, just follow some of these steps, and your on your way to the pop reel! I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I also hope it helps you. If you liked it, don't forget to diamond, favorite, and subscribe! Dogfan101, out!

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