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Planet Minecraft Interviews CaraRose

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Level 96 : Overlord Cake
This interview was our second PMC Weekly Interview, featured in Volume 59. In this volume, we interviewed CaraRose! Cara has such a gentle charisma that exudes through all of her submissions, even her profile! You can tell she clearly spends a lot of time crafting each and every blog, build, skin and with every contest/event she hosts. She's been a member since May and since then, she's participated in 33 official events/contests through the years! Cara has hosted many of her own.

After receiving her interview answers, we're convinced you'll see what we see in her - a kind, passionate soul.

How did your Minecraft experience begin?
This is actually a fun story. I lost a bet to my friend, so he forced me to play Minecraft with him. I didn’t want it at all haha, for no reason I though the game is a bore. It was 1.7.5 version, we went on a server, I saw cute sheep and fell in love xD It was an incredible journey of learning the game. I spent months there and well never really got bored. I still have some screenshots of my first ever builds in 2014 :D

Planet Minecraft Interviews CaraRose

Do you still play Minecraft?
Except for builds for timelapses, I’m still playing it pretty much every evening :) Surviving with my friend or playing alone just to chill, aaand sometimes Hypixel arcade mini-games. I enjoy Sildurs, SEUS, and BSL shaders but use them only for videos. Also playing with my own texture pack, never released it to the public tho.

What is your favorite submission you've made on PMC?
I don’t think I have something constant. I enjoy everything I build, so at this moment my favorite submission is my latest one — Bees Fairytale because I’m still feeling these vibes around even after finishing the whole project. Then I’ll probably love my next build and so on :D

What do you enjoy most about Planet Minecraft?
I enjoy the community here really a lot! There is no such thing in my country for example, Minecraft communities are not so serious or just simply don’t exist. I’m glad I can have a warm atmosphere here which can also help me to learn and practice English. I’m happy to see Minecraft as a serious and deep art on PlanetMinecraft. The site gives me inspiration and sometimes reasons to create builds. ‘Cause I usually have lots of ideas but no motivation to build from start to finish. Contests/events for example give me themes to think about, challenges and deadlines. This fire inside makes me create something beautiful in the end from a little picture in my mind.

You host a lot of contests and events on PMC! Is there one that you've enjoyed most? Do you have any tips for any members who are looking to host their own?
Oh, I enjoyed the Valley of Talented a lot! The fact that we built practically our cozy little town together makes me happy. I love everything in making these events: banners, trophies, and whole page design. Although it is always hard to make people interested and want to participate. So host needs to spend really a lot of time to make a great presentation of the event — my must-haves: attractable design of banner and colorful text (maybe some blocks and borders to visualize important information), short and easy description to help people understand purposes of the event, nice trophies/rewards to motivate everyone a little bit :) I still have a lot of ideas and gonna create more contests in the future!

Do you have any goals on the site (subscriber goal, perhaps win a contest, etc).
Sure I wanna achieve more levels and subscribers pretty much like most people here ‘cause it’s just nice. Win an official contest would be pretty huge for me too. All of these small goals just showing me the reason why I share my works here — the community is the reason. It always makes me happy to see any activity on my page because it means there are some people who care about me and my projects I’m sharing, and this is the best thing!

Is there a specific member that inspires you or you look up to?
My total inspiration is GeminiTay. Unfortunately, she’s not a very active PMC member, but this girl brought me here and motivated me to learn build styles, plugins, replay mod to make time-lapses, etc. She’s actually the reason I found this site and registered. I knew nothing back then. I remember I saw her builds on YouTube and thought “OMG what an art! I want to learn this so badly!”and I took it so seriously. I’m still using my notes I created from her tutorials :D

Planet Minecraft Interviews CaraRose

Do you have any other hobbies alongside Minecraft?
Yes, I’m enjoying music, art, and photography. I’m a songwriter and singer, also playing the piano and guitar a little. Hoping to finally release something this autumn and absolutely gonna share it here too. My paintings are weird but I don’t mind sharing :)

Planet Minecraft Interviews CaraRose

Do you have any pets?
I live in the apartment and I can’t have any pets here, unfortunately. However, I adore my grandma’s cats and visit them a lot! Purry, Mary and Peach (yep he's black peach :D)

What Genre of music do you enjoy listening to?
I’m so into rock music. Also, enjoy jazz, dream-pop, synth-wave, indietronica. Bands I adore: Flyleaf, Marmozets, Still Corners, Honeyblood, and my friend’s band Cats Never Die you may hear in all of my videos :)

How about movies?! Or would you rather read a book?
I’m actually a huge fan of 2 shows: Friends and Gossip Girl. I don’t watch movies. Usually, I enjoy music or watch my favorite shows again and again :D I have a favorite book: The Reason by Lacey Sturm.

You have such a nice profile! We love the extra addition of a Subscriber Calendar and your Level milestone record. Did it take you long to get it organized?
Aw, thank you! Yes, it did take a lot of time and effort, but totally worth it! I enjoy filling it every time I see new subscribers or level up. For me, the profile design is like an open door to a member’s soul.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would like to visit Canada. I saw some incredible pictures of nature and I’d love to see mountains, forests and ocean one day

Favorite quote or words of wisdom for the community? OR Do you have any advice for new members of PMC?
It is always amazing to be loved because of who you are so it’s important to be yourself and share your talents and love inside to everyone.

Anything you'd like to add?
Believe in dreams you love so much. Let the passion of your heart make them real.

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10/22/2020 10:37 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
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Can you interview me? I need something to do and I would love to anyway! So please consider!
10/22/2020 10:27 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Skinner
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Can you do a interview with me?
10/21/2020 3:02 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Princess
CaraRose avatar
aw it's so nice! ♡
also I like the way Ender is sneaking out from banner :D
10/21/2020 8:55 pmhistory
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
Ender The Cat
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Yes ender is taking over PMC, and doing it by sneaking into everywhere on PMC

Edit: a mod just gave this comment a emerald lol
10/21/2020 2:14 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Loremaster
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possibly can you do an interview with me?
10/21/2020 9:28 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
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i think you need to be higher level or have outstanding buiilds
10/21/2020 9:28 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
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for a fact, i want to, but it is not the right time yet
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