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Level 95 : Overlord Cake
This interview was our ninth PMC Weekly Interview, featured in Volume 75! In this volume, we interviewed Spxngie! Spongie has been a member of PMC since july of 2020. She's an avid artist, anime lover, and Minecraft player. During her time here, she's made over 1,500 wall posts, given over 10,000 diamonds, and have made over 200 submissions. We've personally played on the PMC SMP server with her. She helped us with the Holiday Decorations and always seems to want to lend a helping hand. Her polite and positive character is contagious. We hope you enjoy reading this interview and gather inspiration, as we did!  Spongegar15! Spongie has been a member of PMC since july of 2020. She's an avid artist, anime lover, and Minecraft player. During her time here, she's made over 1,500 wall posts, given over 10,000 diamonds, and have made over 200 submissions. We've personally played on the PMC SMP server with her. She helped us with the Holiday Decorations and always seems to want to lend a helping hand. Her polite and positive character is contagious. We hope you enjoy reading this interview and gather inspiration, as we did!

Minecraft/Personalized Questions
How did your Minecraft experience begin? Do you still play?

Well, I've know about Minecraft for a long while now. I didn't start playing it until about...three years ago. I first started on the X-Box three years ago. Then I moved to the Play Station two years ago. Then last year I got Minecraft Java version (On the computer) for Christmas and have been playing ever since; about 1 year. I would play on the X-Box and Play Station with friends and family until I finally got my own account. I play on Java mainly because that's what I have.

What has been your favorite Minecraft update?

Well, I think - I know, no one cares about this update - it has to be the bee update in version 1.15. I just love the new blocks that came with it and the bees are so adorable! I especially love how if you hold a flower, the bees follow you. The hives are a cool addition to nature too.

What Minecraft Mob is your favorite?

I have a lot of favorite creatures in Minecraft so I'll divide them into two categories; passive and hostile. My favorite passive mob has to be the wolf. I love how you can tame it and dye it's collar different colors. My favorite hostile mob is either the spider or the cave spider which is odd because I really hate spiders in real life! I think that they are just neat mobs.

Where did you learn how to skin?

Well, one day I was just looking for a new Minecraft skin (I used this site for skins and my in real life friend, rubur, told me about this place!) and I noticed the "PMCSkin3D" tab and clicked it. I realized that it was a Minecraft skin editor and started playing around with it. I saw the "Publish" button and decided to publish my first Minecraft skin. I realized I needed an account to publish it, so I made one. :) And my first skin, Emo Girl, was made. Here's an image of the skin and a render I made of it.

Emo Girl ~ My 1st Skin! Minecraft Skin

What inspires you when you’re creating? How do you come up with your skins?

Sometimes when I feel motivated enough to make a skin, I look for some images on Google that I can be inspired by. Other times I just come up with ideas on the spot! I also watch YouTube videos on the latest Minecraft skins so I can keep up with the newest styles and trends!

What program do you use to skin with?

I use the PMCSkin3D Advanced Editor. When I publish my skins to my Skindex, which I rarely do, I just upload my skins from here. I personally think that the Skindex Editor is very confusing. They really could've made it more user-friendly.

Tell us about your art! What do you like drawing? Do you prefer to create digital or physical art (Paintings, drawings, etc.)?

I love to make art! I make all kinds of art; Sewing, editing, drawing, painting, pixel art, photography, digital art, Gacha Life videos (Counts as art, right?), Picrews, PicsArt edits, Stop-motion animation, animation, the list goes on and on! :) I prefer digital art. I personally think it's so much better than regular old painting. Plus, I can share it with the world easier! I post most of my art to my DeviantArt and my Pixilart! I love making edits. Here's some of my art below!

Aesthetic Cat
Here's my old profile picture!! I added the rainbow, glitter, and Bo-ho look. Made with PicsArt.

Spongegar15 in Roblox
My Roblox character, edited. Made with PicsArt. ⇧

Brendon Urie Fan Background!
A Brendon Urie fan background. I added each sparkle, each image, each effect, everything. Made with PicsArt.

Lucky the Llama
Pixel art llama! Her name is Lucky. :) I used a base. Made with the Pixilart Tool

Gacha Spongie
My gachasona (Gacha persona)! I used a base for this one as well. Made with the Pixilart Tool.

Sad Persona
Sad Spongie. I used a base for this one. Made with the Pixilart Tool.

Spongegar15 Aesthetic Logo
One of my past banners. I made this when I was very new to the PicsArt app. ⇧

Aesthetic In-Game Minecraft Edit
This is one of my favorite edits ever! My friend, AquaNotFound, took an In-Game picture of me "Bonding" with my Minecraft Dog, Cyprezz, on the PMC server. I added the lens flare, film filter, etc. Made with the apps Efiko and PicsArt.

PMC! :D I didn't use a base on this one. Made with the Pixilart Tool. ⇧

Aftertale Sans

Aftertale Sans. I didn't use a base on this one either. Made with the Pixilart Tool.

LGBTQIA+ Pride Crewmate. Bisexual flag. :) I used a base on this one too. Made with the Pixilart Tool.
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
Cat collaboration. I used a base and made the pink kitten! Made with the Pixilart Tool. ⇧

How did you choose your PMC Username?

I was originally named Magikarp15 (On Minecraft) and one day decided that I wanted to change my name to something else. I thought real hard about it and decided I wanted it to have something to do with Spongebob (My favorite show). I finally settled on Spongegar15. Spongegar is a character from Spongebob (Spongebob in prehistoric form) so I thought it was cool. Plus he's in a lot of memes. I love the number 15 so I added that to be more original. :) Many people assume that I added 15 because they thought I was 15 but it's just my favorite number.

What PMC submission are you most proud of? Why?

I have a lot of different types of submissions so this is going to be hard...maybe I'll just chose one of each!

Favorite Blog: 10 Years! Spongie/Rep Collab! (~‾▿‾)~

I love this blog so much! Me and one of my best PMC friends, RockinReptite, built this In-Game! I think it turned out great.

Favorite Mob Skin: Bed Sus

I came up with this skin one night and for some reason everyone loved it. It's a spin on the saying "Red sus" from the game Among Us.

Bed Sus Minecraft Skin

Favorite Player Skin
(Base Used): Spongie the Bride ~ OC/Persona

I think that this skin is really cute. :) It's the first Persona/OC skin I've ever made. I made the dress, flower crown, and veil, but the hair and skin was from a base (Credited on the submission page).
Spongie the Bride ~ OC/Persona Minecraft Skin

Favorite Player Skins
: GeorgeNotFound | IT'S ELMOS WORLD

I really love the "GeorgeNotFound" skin because it's really close to looking like the Minecraft YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound. I'm a huge fan of him, so I made his Minecraft skin. Be sure to subscribe to him! :) I love the "IT'S ELMOS WORLD" skin because I just think it's hilarious! So do all the 102 people who gave it a diamond!

What do you enjoy most about Planet Minecraft?

I love all the amazing, supportive people here. That's the best part. Logging on and seeing all the wonderful creations from the people I am subscribed to is awesome. It's really nice to get tons of support from everyone. It really boosts my mood..
GeorgeNotFound Minecraft Skin

Do you have any goals on the site (subscriber goal, perhaps win a contest, host another contest etc)?

On my "~♥ About Spongie ♥~ ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ ♡ ~('▽^人)" widget, I have a section titled "~♥ PMC Goals and Achievements ♥~" where I talk about my hopes and goals on this site. Some are subscriber goals, others about my skins being used In-Game, but I really hope to reach 500 subscribers sometime soon. I also really want to get to level 50. I'm not sure why, but I think that it would be neat to be at such a high level. Plus I'll get the Grandmaster class!! I also hope to someday win one of the official contests.

IT'S ELMO'S WORLD Minecraft Skin

You joined the Planet Minecraft just a short 5 months ago and in that time have gained 580 Subscribers! Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to gain subs?

This question gets asked to me too many times, haha! What I usually say is be yourself. :) I have some other tips too. If you are yourself, people will love you for who you truly are. Don't be someone you aren't. I'm not saying tell everyone something like "I'm Insertnamehere and I'm x years old! I live in x and I have siblings and here's my face reveal." You have to be really careful on the internet. Your safety is top priority. Another way to gain subs other than being yourself, is to be active. Post often. Respond to all questions (Keeping safety in mind) and comments. Some people would probably say "Self-promote!" but I say, nope. You really don't need to self-promote. People will just find out about you so long as you are active in the community. It's alright to make a post about a new skin or a blog about whatever, just don't do it too often. It can get old pretty fast. I'm speaking from experience. When I first joined, I really wanted tons of subscribers so I would advertise way too much. On skins, in posts, everywhere! As I got more subs (Not from advertising, but being myself) I realized that I didn't need subs. They are so cool to have with the support and all but you should be happy with however many you have. :D

What has been your favorite moment on the PMC Server?

I absolutely love the PMC Server! One of the best moments other than vibing with my friends and fans, was when I found my first block of Ancient debris EVER! It was with one of my best PMC friends, Overlord_Aqua_2. He gave me an enchanted netherite pickaxe to borrow and I used it and found three blocks of ancient debris. To thank him, I gave him all three since I had no clue at all what to do with it (I know now). I'm really glad I did. He is so sweet and he totally deserved it. When I first joined the server, a ton of people greeted me and some even asked to take screenshots with me!! About ten people did and boy did that make my day. :) Here are some of the screenshots below.



Is there a specific member that inspires you or you look up to? Who/Why?

I have quite a few actually. Here are some (No order): jessaMoon _carrot Michiru p a u l i a Hosanna WaffleWolf- Creative_Kylee Nitgo Feathermqqn Suiitea Septembr ohkay floofsie mysticaberri Bwunie risposta Spookly Cow PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft LovelyLuna Buhh Coco_Fluff ShineDiamond_UwU rainstxrm chikqttsu storme_ moonn Parine pixlpuffs JinxCqt Vixinn vonk Jupitess Khirbi s h o r t c q k e SilverStarsWhisper IHasFins csea loveanimals4good CupcakeFrosting

All their skins are so good and unique in their own ways - their talent and style is absolutely incredible!

Fun Questions
What is your favorite food?

I love boba tea. Counts as a food right?

What’s your favorite color?

I have three!! Light pink, sky blue, and lilac purple. Pretty much anything that's pastel or aesthetic.

Do you have any pets?

I have one dog named Willy. He is a rescue pug and I love him so much! I don't have any pictures right now, sorry!!

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Energetic, overrated, and positive.

Are there any hobbies outside of Minecraft that you have?

Yes! I play Among Us and Roblox. :) I love to draw, write stories/letters, play piano and guitar, read, watch anime, edit videos/photos, paint, bake, cook, sew (Machine and by hand), make digital art, hang out with my friends, hang with my family, and lots more. :)

Favorite quote or words of wisdom for the community?

Remember, You Matter! Don't let anyone make you think you don't. Don't change so people like you. Be yourself and the right people with love the real you.

Do you have any advice for new members of PMC?

Have fun, be yourself, and don't worry about popularity! You'll get popular the longer you are on here. Have fun with your work! Don't be afraid to try new stuff.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

I would like to be able to properly shade my Minecraft skins. I also want to learn how to use different editing software clients. :)

Anything you'd like to add?

Thank you so much for interviewing me. :) I really appreciate it! I feel so honored. ♥ Thank you, Mrs. PMC!

Thank you to all of my followers who have given me so much support and love throughout my time on this incredible site and in this extraordinary community. ♥

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What I didn't even know this was a thing until now ;-;
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Just read this, and it was amazing! Congratulations Spongie! (I am very late, Ik)

It has been really fun hanging out with them in the PMC server!
Tysm for being someone I could talk to and being incredibly understanding and kind ❤️
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Dw! :D Thank you so much. I've had so much fun with you as well!
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