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Planet Minecraft Trends

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Planet Minecraft Trends:

Planet Minecraft is probably the most liked community website next to o The Minecraft Forumso . Everything is easy to find and has many features. One thing you may notice everywhere on the site is a lot of the same ideas and topics. Someone posted an idea then others adopted it and created a trend. A trending topic on the forums right now is YouTube channels. I went on one night and the whole entire o Forum Activityo was covered in o YouTube Channel in Need of Supporto . Trends can be a good thing a bad.

What Trends Do:

The trends create a liked topic from all and a lot of them. The bad thing is that sometimes your topic gets buried in the trend. Your idea might have the potential to become popular but gets buried under the trend. Say the trend is temples, you want to build a temple and you do. You post it on Planet Minecraft and it gets noticed. It follows the trend so people like it if it is good quality. The bad thing is you should be yourself and not be a trend follower.

How To Stay Out Of Trends:

You may notice some people get popular when they dono t follow trends. They create original content with good quality. Soon after you may realize that people are starting to do what the user did. The person that created the first project is a trend-setter. It is ok to be a trend-setter because basically it means that people like that topic and it was original.


Trends are not all that bad and actually shape the community. It creates popularity for users that may not have been popular before. The people it affects usually is the crowd that wants more of it. They see many of the same topics and just devour the posts. They cano t get enough until someone sets a new trend. What happens then? The old trend just sits there and if lucky gets recycled later on.

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