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PMC Documentations #003 - PMC Prom and its secrets.

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~ Welcome to the PMC Documentations, where we look into the everyday activity on PMC and make sense of it through science! ~
Today's article contains major spoilers for the operation behind the subject. If the subject's creator desires me to take down the documentation, please let me know.

Hello, my much more sane (or maybe not) science lovers, and welcome back to the third installation of the PMC Documentations. Today's documentation will be a little different today than the first couple. It will focus on an event instead of a person today, and it will also be more complex than the others. That's alright, though. If nature can adapt, you all certainly can! (Or maybe not. Sometimes, this generation seems resistant to any sort of change.) Anyway, let's get this show on the road. Today's documentation is about...
PMC Documentations #003 - PMC Prom and its secrets.
The PMC Prom.

The PMC Prom was a huge PMC event that was hosted by JadeFire170 back on May 9th of 2020. The event had an incredible turnout, with even the biggest members of PMC attending such as PMC, Cyprezz, and DinowCookie! Here's one of Dinow's photos from the event, showing just how many people joined in on the fun.
PMC Documentations #003 - PMC Prom and its secrets.
Dinow and PMC are directly at the front of the of the image and quite easy to see. Cyprezz is located between PMC and the saddled pig, for those who are having trouble spotting him. So many people attended the event that the player list was overflowing with players. They later invaded Hypixel to spread their prom joy, but this article will be taking place in the the main area where the prom took place, Jade's plot. Let's look into it.

PMC Documentations #003 - PMC Prom and its secrets.
When you get your first glance at the map, it appears beautifully and complex. And indeed, it is. There's a dance floor, and arcade, games, parkour, refreshments, a scavenger hunt, and countless easter eggs hidden throughout the map. (Note the painting in this picture. It will be important later on.) These easter eggs are precisely what will be looking at in this documentation. Let's start
with one that the creators were encouraging you to find.

The Scavenger Hunt
One of the things that the map's creators set up for people to do (though they never mentioned it) was a scavenger hunt for certain decorative heads in nature. You simply needed to press a button near the entrance to get a book that lists the hidden items. It was even written out. But when I attended the prom back in May, no one showed any interest in the scavenger hunt, so I took it upon myself find all the items on the list. Here's the answers listed in order (besides miscellaneous objects in the list, which are at the bottom.)

Hidden Heads
Besides the scavenger hunt, there were many player heads hidden throughout the map, some real players and some just decorations. Here's all the ones I could find.

Known heads from left to right: autumnistic, Fishkiss, Inro, Claude_, atsap

There were also many heads that I couldn't find from members on PMC. I speculate that they're just decoration, but they could be from players too. Please inform me if you know any of the players in this next picture.
Edit: Sixth is Fawne, eighth is ArcaneKnight, ninth is Kawaii.

"Robot" Messages
They were also many "robots" (which were usually just two blocks with a button) in the map that would deposit a piece of paper with a message when their buttons were pressed. Here's all the messages I could find and what I believe to be the meaning behind them. They're listed word for word and in alphabetical order.

"anbshakletrgbnvlajfenwtehvg fewvrh"
"a wild derp wing a d-d-d-derp wing"
"birb. im a birb. fear the almighty" (Reference to thealmightybirb.)
"Brush your teeth, kids."
"Culpeo’s potato scares me." (Reference to Culpeo's potato at the edge of Jade's plot. Here's a picture.)

"Enjoy the 100% accurate robots!" (Message-depositing machines.)
"If a robot breaks, let me know!" (Machines again.)
"I’m Culpeo." (Reference to PMC member Culpeo.)
"I’m Whiteout-, ur usual weirdo" (Reference to how Whiteout- describes herself as mental.)
"I may be 98! but i can still dance!" (Reference to PMCGrandma.)
"Just keeping an eye on the chat."
"Mmmm almonds."
"ocean snow is not really snow…"
"Potatey: Mew" (The name of Culpeo's potato. Another picture, but this time it's close up. You can see the name.)

"Potatooooo" (The potato again...)
"Put the cheese in the bag!" (Reference to a comic featuring -Evie and Sinus Productions. The original image can't be viewed on Sinus's page anymore, but I was able to find it again!)

"roots. bro im 13 and thats deep."
"sans. sans in a suit. suit guy." (Reference to Sans from Undertale.)
"Stop catnapping my cat!" (Reference to Evie's cat, Fig.)
"Tell me if you see the dinowcookie." (DinowCookie actually did end up attending the prom.)
"That bee over there? Shes a nerd." (Possible reference to chhlo. The machine you get this from looks similar to Sinus.)
"That guy over there? He’s a nerd." (Possible reference to Sinus. The machine you get this from looks like a bee.)
"The man behind the counter" (Reference to the man behind the slaughter from Five Night's at Freddy's. The machine you get this from is purple.)
"Welcome to the arcade!"
"WhAt dOeS tHe fOx sAY" (Reference to the popular song.)
"Why’s Whiteout- scared of Potatey??" (Reference to Whiteout's Mental Writing. She cringes at the potato's death in Chapter 4.)
"Wings of fire beans of glory"

There was also an alternative message I found to the arcade message, and it read:

"Hi! Im Jade, welcome to the arcade!"

It's unknown why this message was scrapped to exclude Jade. Perhaps to be less specific.

Secret Rooms

This is where the real "secret" part of the prom starts. There are many secret rooms scattered throughout the map, and I believe that through the process of a thorough investigation, I've located most of them. Here's all of the ones I could find.

If you go backstage when in the arcade and look to your left, you'll be greeted with this sign. Clever builders.

If you continue to go backwards, you'll find some doors and ladders which take you above the arcade. Eventually, you'll find a button which opens the floor beneath you and drops you on top of the bee machine, very close to the stage where you originally started. Alternatively, there's another door that's blocked off to most people, but I have my ways to access it. It leads to a room that is filled with things that resemble the "robots" or generators. Here's a picture of the very bright room.

However, these aren't the only rooms hidden in the arcade. Do you still remember that painting I told you about earlier? There's a small painting and trapdoor on a game, both of which block off entrance to the hidden room. But I remember that this room was briefly open to the public from when I attended the prom. However, it appears the admins have blocked it off later in the prom. But like I said last time, that didn't stop me. If you go through the trapdoor, you'll find a latter that leads to an old room. It appears to be a storage room.

There's still a few more secret rooms in the arcade, this time related to the parkour. The parkour was easy to access since you could fly, but regardless of how you get to the end, this is the message that awaits you. What a shame...

There's also another route to the parkour besides the end. They appear to be two jail rooms. They're located vertically to the other, and here's a picture of the lower room.

The upper room seems to be the true end of the parkour because it's as far as you can go into it. According to the sign, the room was originally made to lead to a cell, but the builder either forgot or was too lazy. (I can't blame them though. I would probably do the same, but I still wonder who built it.) They requested that whoever made it that far lock themselves up, and they'll be happy to know that I locked myself up for a full ten seconds! AAAAAAAAAA! Not my first time in prison!

That's the end of the secret rooms in the arcade, but there's still much more to explore in the rest of the map! Let's dive in!

If you go to the bottom of the hill behind the dance floor and concession stand, you'll find this little room with gold hidden inside. There's a sign in the room that reads, "FREE!"

Next up is a small area hidden behind a banner that features the credits for everyone who helped construct the prom's map and a thank you to the creator. There's even a thank you to everyone who attended the prom and the either curious or confused souls who stumbled into the room. Aww, thanks, guys. All of the people specifically listed include Jade, Sinus, Whiteout, -Rae-, chickenpants93, Oldacc_, Witherbrine1001, Wolfy Mystic, CatherineCat, and MrEmerald2006.

Last but not least, there was a room hidden in the mountains that lead to a secret area where you could find the machine that would give you Evie's "catnapping" and "cheese robbery" messages. I didn't take any pictures of this room because there wasn't much to see there, sorry.

Miscellaneous Things
Before we get into the spoiler things, let's look at the random things and events that happened during the prom. The first thing I'll cover is what you'd find if you attempted to leave the plot the prom was hosted on. If you attempted to leave, you'd find two cheeky messages on either side. Here's the one on the left.

And here's the one on the right.

Next up is a random message that DragonsDungeon left for everyone at the prom. It was titled, "THE MCD MANIFESTO", and it contained humorous messages that related to the restaurant McDonalds. This was just one of the random things passed out during the prom. Whiteout's head and lilac pufferfish heads were also dropped from the sky.

There's another cheeky message that can be found it you go to the top of the waterfall at the top left corner of the prom area. It appears to be a message from Emmuhlee, who encourages people to return to the center of the party.

Finally, there appears to be a random button located on the mountains. Pressing it doesn't seem to do anything, but I have a feeling that this is what initiates the fireworks to launch at the end of the prom.

Unused Features and Prototypes
Warning: This is where the spoilers start with features that weren't meant to be seen by anyone outside the map's volunteers. I'm not going to add a spoiler tab, so the article's structure stays similar to the rest, but please leave now if you don't want to be spoiled! You have been warned.

Let's start with some unused games. Some of the ones that I found were featured, but I only documented the unused ones. The first one is titled "Flappy Birb" and is (obviously) a reference to deleted game, Flappy Bird.

There's also the arcade game, Pac-Man, which is misspelled here as "Packman." (Dum-dum children.)

Here's a Skee-Ball game. (I think this one was actually used in the hidden painting room.)

And finally, a racing game with the license plate number "283y9." Very creative to use the anvil in the design.

Next up is some prototype rooms that eventually went on to become the final products. Here's the prototype of prom's center, the dance floor.

It's mostly unchanged from the final design, but the microphone has no shading, and the floor lacks some details and shrubbery behind it. It's a nice prototype. Next is the prototype arcade.

This one has more changes than the dance floor's transformation. Some furniture was either removed or rearranged and the prize counter has fewer prizes. This is also where you can find the alternate "Hi! Im Jade" message. The door in the corner of the room doesn't make it into the final design, but I'll show you what's behind it anyway. When you enter it, all you'll find is a seat with a computer made of an item frame and map art. It's very well made, but I'm not sure who made it. Hovering over it with your mouse will reveal the word "Desktop."

This next room is completely unused and appears to be some type of ballroom. It looks quite beautiful at night.

I happened to find this too. I'm not sure what it controls, but I have a feeling it's either the fireworks or the dance speeds. (Possibly both?)

Lastly, I found the map's original layout which features the dance floor, arcade, concessions, and other places.

The Creative Process
This is by far my favorite part of this documentation and part of the reason I'm such a fanatic to the randomness that people who make stuff like this, This section will cover random messages, ideas, and off topic things the creators discussed during the map's creation.

The first part of any plan is to build a schedule, and that's precisely what they did! Looks like they built the base the first week, added details the second week, added last minute details before the end, and started the party on the 9th! From what I've seen and heard, everything went smoothly.

Up next is a board for the volunteers' tasks. These people consist of Jade, Emmuhlee, Rae, Whiteout, and chickenpants. They said the board was mostly empty, but that seems like a lot of work to me...

But besides what they had planned, they also put up an idea board. Seems like most of the ideas they came up with were added such as the green screen for photos, a resource pack, and music discs.

Some banner designs they made. Located on the back of the tasks board.



If you zoom in on the little board in the middle, you'll find more map art by Chabilulu. What a beautiful night sky! Perhaps, they also made the computer screen? (Edit: Chabilulu confirms that they didn't make the map art, but they still passed by.)

On the other side of the prom sign, you can see some messages that Jade and Whiteout in response to Chabilulu's art.

Okay, that's all I've got for you today. Thanks for tagging along on my third documentation. Again JadeFire170, if you want me to take this down, please inform me. (Though, this prom has made me a huge fan of Jade.) Fun fact: This documentation has over 45 images, and some of those weren't even screenshots. Some screenshots were also combined together... From my current poll, Evie will probably be the subject of the next documentation. Until then, see you next time, fellow science lovers!
CreditJadeFire170, Whiteout-, chickenpants93, Emmuhlee_, Chabilulu, DragonsDungeon, Sinus Productions, -Rae-

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07/06/2020 4:46 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Witch
Fawne avatar
for the heads you couldn't identify, the last one is Kawaii & the 6th one is mine

interesting read! wish i coulda stayed at the event longer
07/06/2020 11:07 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Lemon
Kawaii avatar
thank you for recognizing my head!!!!!
07/06/2020 12:39 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Wolf
Wolfy Mystic
Wolfy Mystic avatar
It was indeed fun, and that timing was indeed for the fireworks display
07/06/2020 7:29 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Necromancer
Chabilulu avatar
Ah, this is a neat blog, howhever, i did not make any of the map art, i simply took the map and put it in a frame on my plot, nothing more!
07/05/2020 5:33 pm
Level 40 : Master Blueberry
JadeFire170 avatar
This was the most beautiful, well-written piece of documentary that I thoroughly enjoyed. This was extremely joy bringing and I'm so glad that many people (Including you!) loved the prom as much as I did. I couldn't have done any of this without my team. <3 Thank you for taking your time to write this, I'm always gonna treasure this! :)
07/05/2020 4:37 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Botanist
Oldacc_ avatar
I made the banners and half the scavenger hunt!
Was very fun to make, and this was very fun to read, "oh!, I helped with that "
07/05/2020 3:39 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Wizard
Lemilas avatar
This was interesting to read, even though I wasn't actually there. Thanks for writing it!

For the heads, I identified one of them as being ArcaneKnight, but I don't recognize any of the others.
07/05/2020 3:56 pm
Level 43 : Master Sus
ArcaneKnight avatar
yes, my Darth Qu'Null head, one panel short of being furthest to the right
07/05/2020 2:32 pmhistory
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Modder
dreamCritting avatar
Very interesting! The pmc prom was a very fun event and I'm glad I went.

I threw tridents a lot

(gif made by Whiteout)
07/05/2020 2:41 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Engineer
ProfessorFanatic avatar
Oh yes, I vividly remember that! So sorry I forgot to add it.
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