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PMCRP ~ Making a texture for items/blocks!

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Kaos_Kitten avatar Kaos_Kitten
Level 50 : Grandmaster Kitten
Hi! This is a tutorial to help you learn how I make item/block textures. This tutorial is made for the PMCRP to help show people how they can make an entry for season 2 and 3!

Firstly is what you're going to use to make it! There are tons of different software, and quite a few are good for pixel art!
My main suggestion, and what I personally use is FireAlpaca (it's free!) Because that's what I use, the tutorial heavily assumes that is what is being used.

There's alternate software to use, I used to use Pixil Art. You Gotta be Joshing me suggested Krita and Paint.net.

So now we've got our art software ready! All standard items/blocks are 16 pixels on both axis (sometimes to help me make sure I have the right size I will copy the original texture, click this text to open a download page for the textures)

PMCRP ~ Making a texture for items/blocks!

In this screenshot I go ahead and prepare what I need:
- I set my pen size to 1 (pixel) & make sure AntiAliasing is turned off
- I set my eraser to 1 pixel as well
- I open a new layer in preperation

As you can tell, I'm doing the texture for lapis lazuli! It can help to open up a reference image to help you make your texture!

PMCRP ~ Making a texture for items/blocks!

I drew the basic shape I wanted, and then deleted the original texture which was the layer beneath (so I only have the one layer)

Lapis has quite a lot of different colours and patterns (like most gemstones do) so I made sure to make good use of opacity and blending with more layers.

PMCRP ~ Making a texture for items/blocks!

I add on layers of two lighter shades of blue, and one yellow (although I add a much darker blue and brown in the next stage)

This is where all those different layers come in! Different layers means we can change the opacity of one layer, and its blending style.

I mess around with different opacity levels until im satisfied, and then I move to the next step.

I add a very dark tone, and a very light tone to add highlights and shadows to the texture!

I once again make use of opacity and blending (its really just trial and error on what settings I use for a layer)

Now we're ready to save! We don't wanna merge the layers because that will mess with the opacity and blending we've done, so I select save as and make sure to change it from the default .mdp format to a .png

It confirms with you that layers cant be saved (which is what we want) and then gives you the option to save as a transparent png!

Voila! We now have a shiny new texture, ready to send in as our entry for the PMCRP!


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05/07/2020 5:52 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Wisp
soulblqde avatar
Pixal Art works good! Thanks for making this page.
05/07/2020 5:54 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Kitten
Kaos_Kitten avatar
glad it could help someone :3
05/01/2020 12:50 pmhistory
Level 25 : Expert Artist
You Gotta be Joshing me
You Gotta be Joshing me avatar
Some other programs you can use are Krita (my #1 choice for raster art) and Paint.net(my #1 choice for pixel art).
05/01/2020 12:58 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Kitten
Kaos_Kitten avatar
Thanks for letting us know! Ill add them as an alternate! <3
04/30/2020 11:47 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
ronsiv8 avatar
Pretty good! Too bad i am...Not good at drawing
04/30/2020 11:16 am
Level 87 : Elite Cake
PMC avatar
Great tutorial!
04/30/2020 11:20 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Kitten
Kaos_Kitten avatar
Thank you :3
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