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Level 36 : Artisan Bunny
It's been cold,
Since yesterday morning.
Building snowmen never gets old,
It'll make Winter less boring.

On one snowy afternoon,
Steve and his friends knew a snowman would be born soon.
As they piled up more and more snow,
A face was soon going to show.

A pumpkin put right on his face,
Along with charcoal buttons that sat on him with grace.
The snow falling upon the snowman,
It was snowing again.

His pumpkin head shaved off the hour he was born,
He was accepted and happy,
Yet, at times stubborn.
He was protected in a room made of snow, and so snow was all he could see.

Time went by as he grew stronger,
Fighting off a witch with his own snowballs.
With his brave hits; he killed her.
Steve was indeed proud of his achievement and all.

Steve left without realizing his snowman was heartbroken,
The golem dreamed his return.
Sadly he did not, he realized as he awoken.
The loneliness felt like he was being burnt.

Time went by as Spring came around,
Rain started splattering,
He thought, what was that sound?
He saw himself standing on the wet ground.

No longer protected,
He soon melted.
It was the end of his life.
Perhaps he'll be rebuilt when winter arrives.

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  • Globe_
  • Level 1
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  • December 7, 2016, 11:36 am
im steve o-o

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