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Poem | Return For Me | TheSilentWind

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 43 : Master Enderdragon
I sit in the dark corner with tears on my face,
Where are you?
I thought as my heart continues to race.
Is this where you will return back to?

I'm afraid if you're gone,
I've been waiting throughout the night until dawn.
The sky is no longer dark,
But my heart still is as I sit in the park.

I'm trying so hard not to think of it like this,
But my mind refuses to believe and this is what it insist.
Will you ever return?
Will you forever leave me concerned?

The sky may be bright but my heart is storming,
Waiting for you as darkness keeps forming.
Waiting every minute to hope for you to come back,
What time is it? I've completely lost track.

"Where are you?",
I scream in my head over and over.
I have no clue,
I wish for your return as I stare at an image of a four-leaf clover.

Come back, come back,
Wherever you are.
I won't be mad,
Come back close to me and return from the far.
Credithttp://www.loverofsadness.net/sad_picture.php?id=236 (Thumbnail Image)

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