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Poem | What Can I Say, Except Thanks and I Love you? | TheSilentWind

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 43 : Master Enderdragon
Whether you still love me or not,
Whether you still remember or forgot,
I will always remember our memorable past,
A brief but happy experience that went by fast.

I don’t blame you for having to leave,
But our love lives on if we choose to believe.
On the last day that we spent together,
We cried but smiled as we knew it was for the better.

Five years ago I was suffocating in a mess,
But you helped me through when I was in distress.
No matter where you go I will never forget,
I’ll always remember the things you’ve said.

On our last day, you told me that you’ll come back someday,
I’ll wait days, months, and years while you are away.
You had to go and I understand,
But I’m grateful for our past when I held your hand.

Wherever this takes me, I have no regret,
Our memories live on and I’ll never forget.
You gave me so much support and I made it through,
What can I say, except thanks and I love you?

Thank you for being there for so long,
This is not the end and our love lives on.
You changed my life forever,
And I shall follow our love to wherever.
Credithttp://cdn7.dissolve.com/p/D908_48_003/D908_48_003_0004_600.jpg for the Original Thumbnail Image

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