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Poetry for Someone

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avatar Jetra
Level 28 : Expert Archer
Excuse me, you look familiar
standing there in a daze, lost.
Could you tell me, kindly,
what your time would cost?

Ah, where are my manners,
I should introduce myself first.
Shouldn't be too hard to remember
that I am nothing but the worst.

You're starting to recognize
all the horrible things I did before?
I guess it can't be helped that you
think I'm not worth it anymore.

Maybe it was better that I didn't try
to fix the bridges I had burned.
Would you care to listen however,
to the lessons I have learned?

You will? Where do I start,
it's been so long that I've even talked.
I think to begin, is that it's rude
to leave your doors tightly locked.

Holding in your secrets and fears,
hiding away from helping hands,
can make rain clouds form
and ruin all your plans.

Staying silent does not make
you any stronger or noble.
We all feel pain and stress
it is a feeling so global.

Do you see me now, standing as before,
guiding others on their way.
Now I'm here to settle a score
and ask you forgive me, do I pray.

Meh. Was rotting in Drafts, I'm sure someone will understand. Or maybe there's not any meaning at all and I wrote it to mess with your brain chasms.

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