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Pointy Ear Club Entry! - Vinece Trent Stonewell - Chickenpants93

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Fantasy Niche avatar Fantasy Niche
Level 19 : Journeyman Guild
Allow me to introduce you to everyone's favorite dead plant nerd: Vinece trent Stonewell!
Vinece (pronounced like Vince but with the word Vine) enjoys gardening, reading, birdwatching, sketching magical plants, and long walks through the forest.

He is aware that he was alive once, but he was never interested enough to find out what his life was like, he was more interested in documenting new plants.
Vinece lives in a large wooden greenhouse in the middle of the great forest. His favorite tea is green!

This is an entry to the Pointy Ear Club!
Being invited to this exclusive club has been the greatest joy of vineces afterlife, and he was so excited that his bones began to chatter.
If he could speak, he would wish you all a very good day. :)

Created by Me! - Chickenpants93 :D

Pointy Ear Club Entry! - Vinece Trent Stonewell - Chickenpants93
CreditLogMaiden for forming the Pointy Ear Club!

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08/08/2022 4:25 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Warrior
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What a fun design! Thank you for sending this member! :)
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