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Portal - Coming Soon

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Foxy Max avatar Foxy Max
Level 46 : Master Miner
This is being worked on. It is just that I am taking breaks because of the work I am putting myself into. I took a big break probably because Minecraft keeps having more options and this makes me have to translate more stuff and there were too much options and didn't know what to do with them. I wish there would be custom option support for resourcepacks. I then figured that I am not going to worry about the options and effects and GUIs and entities to translate.

  This is a project that I am gonna work on which is to recreate everything about the game. Changing the models, lang, recipes, loot tables, structures, worldgen, and etc.
  This will also include most of my packs that are published and title changes. One of the changes from this pack is to make the game politically correct. The packs I will include I would make them better.
  For myself and probably others, it will also be an API. This will include more function tags, lots of predicates, lots of tags, and diversions.
  As for me, I thought about making modifications for this to make the game look like as if it was an older version of the game. Thinking about both old and new, I thought about combining them. Holding off "inf-20100618-the_great", and ect that I forgot about, I would make it both very old and very new and special. It's like that I am gonna make my own version of Minecraft called: "inf-ultra_deluxe". I am planning to stop updating it on the ports at the 100th full release. The 77th full release is 1.19.1 so it is not gonna end support for the latest snapshot yet. Yes, I am gonna develop the pack though snapshots.
  The name of the game is also going to be called "Cubydyna".

Go see the demo here!
I wanted to try to finish up all my projects I had to go work on before I work on the biggest one. The last project I had to finish up was "Custom Graphics for 1.RV-Pre1".
I would also try to make my own website to include this project and would be also for my other stuff I would work on next.
I will delete this blog after I have my website to contain this game.

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Update #1 : by Foxy Max 12/14/2021 2:09:57 pmDec 14th, 2021

There is now a demo that only combines 2 data-packs.

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12/12/2021 1:50 pm
Level 46 : Master Miner
Foxy Max
Foxy Max avatar
I don't know if I thought it was gonna be very new, I just think new or not new.
12/12/2021 1:45 pm
Level 46 : Master Miner
Foxy Max
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Also, no swearing. I will delete every comment from a user that says bad things.
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