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Predictions for The next upcoming Steven Universe Episodes

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Ok I know, it has been awhile since I did a theory blog or any type of blog really.

But here are my predictions for the next 4 upcoming Steven Universe Episode titles.

"The New Crystal Gems"- Febuary 10th,
Ok my predictions for this Episode. We all know peridot is going to get her star on her outfit soon. But Lapis, Peridot, AND Connie, are said to be within this episode. And we haven't seen much interaction between Peridot and lapis with connie. So this shall be a interesting episode. But also something else could possibly happen, Aquamarine. A Few months back there was a "Leak" of Lapis and Peridot's fusion, and it was predicted to be Aquamarine. Well everyone thought that Aquamarine would make her appearance in "Gem Harvest" or "Barn Mates". Well almost all of know about the picture leaked months before gem harvest of Pearl behind the Wedding cake and everyone thought it was fake. Well this could be another one of those events, where it just happens and blows the whole community away. Here is my reasoning, but it is ok that you do not agree with me XD.
Image result for Lapidot fusion leak
First off the backround. It looks to be blue and partly cloudy. Or else that is apart the first fusion type thing with garnet. But here is a picture of the day that Steven and The crystal gems left beach city in the hands of Lapis, Connie, and Peridot.
Image result for adventures in light distortion steven universe
Both of them have alike weather. And another factor of all this, before this leak I recalled not seeing one fanart even close to lapis and peridot's fusion. And that is how Rebecca sugar and the rest of the creators of Steven universe always seem to do, surprise us with the fusion design. Like before Smoky quartz, you would always see Tafiite or some pinkish purplish gem for Steven and Amethyst's fusion, but it turned out completely surprising, and almost completely the opposite.
And Lapis and peridot might have to fuse in order to defeat a gem monster. Or else they see the gem monster, retreat, then at the barn they fuse, and go back and destroy the gem monster.
I do not know what is going to happen for sure, because remember, Steven is not there, nor any guidance exept connie and lion, so it might be a huge curveball for the whole Steven Universe community.

"Storm in the Room." - Febuary 17th, 2017

Ok we all know, something big is gonna happen in Rose's Room. And I made this theory about this awhile back, and I cant belive it might possibly be right! But anyways back on topic, everyone belives we will see rose and possibly the shattering of Pink Diamond.
1st off, we will most likely see Rose Quartz, but why? And the description says "Steven will be going to Rose's Room for answers."
What kind of answers? We know about pink diamond of course, but how will rose explain this to Steven if she didn't want Steven to find out about all that he has.
Maybe we will actually see a flashback from rose, alike greg does for flashbacks about rose. And she will most likely explain to steven "I never wanted you to find out like this." Or something really sad and hearbreaking. But the Storm part of the title. We are more likely to see Rose And steven Actually get into a really deep argument. Or else it will be a flashback, and it refers to the thunder of the gem battle field.
But in the leaked images, those actually do look plausible. Well most of them anyways.
The one of Rose crying is the only one I belive. Because if you looked at other shots of the series, there are none like that. And that is how you can tell a leak is a leak, if there are none other shots like it in the series, then its plausible.
The one of Rose with shadows over her eyes are fake. Because you can use shots from "What can I do for you." And "Buddy's Book." And then simply use a Rose's Room background behind it.

"Rocknaldo"- Febuary 24th, 2017.

In this episode, I am not denying it, we will see mystery girl once again.
And she will no longer be a mystery girl, we will find out her real name, and most of all, her voice. And we will see Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven see her again, and actually get to talk to her. Because you can not simply see a character once that might have a huge spot in the plotline, and make him/her disappear.
But this would be a great twist, you can call me savage all you want in comments, but what if Ronaldo and Mystery girl actually became boyfriend and girlfriend rate in front of pearl.
Nice little twist, don't you agree?

"Tiger Philanthropist"- March 3rd, 2017

We will be seeing Tiger Billionaire once again and Purple Puma step into the ring. Well I have the same predictions about the one above that sortof goes with it.
Ronaldo dates Mystery Girl, Steven gets mad, him and Ronaldo wrestle.
Ik its a little far fetched at the moment, but compared to "Rocknaldo", this would go rate along with it.

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