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Pretty Scary Update - 1.4 Update Information

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Level 13 : Journeyman Pokemon

The Pretty Scary Update - 1.4 - Out Approx~ 24-30th October

  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions
  • Fire spread will be affected by the difficulty.

  • Added a Command Block that that can run server commands when triggered by redstone, intended for adventure maps
    • No crafting recipe, only obtainable through /give 137
    • Use @p to address the nearest player, @a for all players (where applicable) and @r for a random player
    • Only OPs in creative mode can edit command lines.
    • Can operate in silent mode where it doesn't display commands in the chat box.

  • Added a few commands for use with the redstone command block
    • /difficulty to change game difficulty
      • /difficulty 0 = peaceful
      • /difficulty 1 = easy
      • /difficulty 2 = normal
      • /difficulty 3 = hard

    • Toggling PvP
    • /spawnpoint to change spawnpoint per player (not the actual spawnpoint but more like an invisible bed)
      • /spawnpoint

    • /gamerule
      • /gamerule doFireTick to change if the fire should spread
      • /gamerule doMobLoot to change if mobs should drop items
      • /gamerule doMobSpawning to change if mobs should naturally spawn
      • /gamerule doTileDrops to change if blocks should have drops (does not work for paintings)
      • /gamerule keepInventory to change if you should keep your items in your inventory if you die.
      • /gamerule mobGriefing to change if creepers and endermen should be able to change blocks.

    • /weather [clear | rain | thunder] to change the weather

  • /help command improved

  • Added a Repair & Name Workbench/Table/Anvil
    • Ability to repair tools, armors and weapons while keeping enchantments from both items
      • It will cost a lot of experience and have a limit

    • Ability to rename items

  • Wooden logs will be rotated according to what side of the block they are place on.
    • Place it on the side of a block to get a sideways log.
    • Place it on the top/bottom of a block to get a topside log.

  • Customizable World generation
  • More features inside the Nether
    • Added Wither Skeletons.
      • Will spawn 4/5 of the time from a skeleton spawn egg used in the Nether.
      • Wither skeletons rarely drop wither skulls.
        • Used to build the Wither boss.

  • Improved Superflat spawning options (World Height, Materials, Trees, Ores, Strongholds)
  • Entities (such as Cows, Minecarts, and Ghasts) will be able to travel through Nether Portals and End Portals.
    • Entities will pass through instantly, but at a longer "cooldown".
    • There are no restrictions, any entity at all can travel through the portals.
    • Will allow fire burning entities like blazes to leave the Nether and potentially burn things.
    • Portals will teleport an entity relative to where it entered.

  • Added Wooden Button.
    • Can be activated by Arrows.

  • Wooden buttons and regular buttons trigger for longer
  • Doors, trapdoors, levers and buttons will no longer be triggerable with left mouse button
    • You can break them without switching their state or activating redstone

  • Added new potions:
    • Night Vision potion.
      • Made with golden carrots
      • Will make everything look as if the noon sun was shining directly on it.

    • Invisibility potion.
      • Now hides the nametag
      • Mobs do not see you until you bump into them.
      • Splash potion can turn mobs invisible too.

    • Custom potions

  • Improved NPC villages and villagers to make them more self-aware
    • You can now restore a desolate village or create a completely new village

  • Added Beacons.
    • Apply some effect (speed, haste, jump boost, resistance, strength, or regeneration) for 8 seconds
    • Can be right-clicked to reveal a GUI
    • Glows as bright as glowstone and casts a white light into the sky when on an assembled pyramid.
      • a 3x3 platform out of iron, gold, diamond and/or emerald blocks is the minimum size
      • Additional layers with increasing size under that increase the reach of the effects
      • Each layer unlocks a new level of effects and increases the block's range by 8 blocks
      • You do not have to use only one block type for the pyramid, images have been released by members of the community showing multiple materials in one layer.

    • The minimum range is 16 blocks
    • Players within the blocks' range will be given the selected effects every 4 seconds
    • Changing a block's selection costs 1 emerald, diamond, gold ingot or iron ingot
    • The best configuration of blocks requires 164 blocks
    • Each block can only apply one effect at a time. If there are 4 complete layers of blocks, players can additionally choose between Regeneration or tier II of the previously chosen effect
    • Unlocked effects for each layer of blocks:
      • 1: Speed and Haste
      • 2: Resistance and Jump Boost
      • 3: Strength
      • 4: Regeneration and tier II of the other chosen effect

  • Ender Dragons will spawn a portal on ground instead of air when killed.
  • Chickens will be fed seeds to breed instead of wheat.
  • A carrot-on-a-stick is used to control pigs
    • A Carrot with a Fishing Rod will be the crafting recipe.
    • Pigs will 'eat' the carrot eventually, leaving the player a fishing rod and will require another carrot to continue riding.
    • Pigs start slow but end up going about 5 blocks per second.

  • Pigs with saddles will now drop the saddle when killed.
  • Sheep spawn eggs can now spawn natural colored sheep (white, gray, brown, pink, etc.).
  • Various new mobs
    • Wither Boss mob
    • Wither Skeleton Nether mob
    • Witch Overworld ranged mob
      • The witch mob lives in swamp huts in the swamp biome.

    • Villager Zombie prefix mob
    • Bat flying, non-hostile mob

  • Zombies have an animation when attacking.
  • Zombies can now pick up and use items on the ground.
    • Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying.

  • Zombies infect villagers
    • The villager is immediately turned into a zombie
    • On Normal difficulty, there is a 50% chance of infection and on Hard difficulty there is a 100% chance of infection
    • Infected baby villagers turn into baby zombies
      • Baby zombies are 50% faster, don't age and don't burn up in the sun

    • Infected villagers will turn in to villagers again if you throw a Splash Potion of Weakness at them and right click on them with a normal golden apple.

  • Added armor and weapon support for certain mobs
    • Skeletons and zombies now rarely carry armor and weapons of all kinds, sometimes enchanted
      • Mobs will be able to use the weapons, enchantments, and be protected by the armor
      • Mobs wearing headgear do not burn up in sunlight.
      • Even baby zombies can wear armor

    • Mobs only drop the gear and weapons they are carrying
      • But only on Normal and Hard difficulties, with higher chances on Hard

  • Villagers can now like and dislike you
    • Villagers who dislike you will refuse to trade
    • Villagers will dislike you more for killing other villagers or allowing them to die
    • Depending on how much villagers like you, they will start to offer you better trades
      • Trades may be made permanent again or last shorter/longer

  • Added a new painting, which shows how to "craft" the Wither Boss.
  • Added Item Frames that allow you to display an item on the side of a block in a frame.
    • Any item can be placed in the frame.
    • Some items have special abilities while inside the frame:
      • A map in the Item Frame will display actual topographical features.
      • A compass in the Item Frame will actually show direction.
      • A clock in the Item Frame will actually show the time.

  • Added flower pots.
    • Saplings, Mushrooms, Flowers, Cacti, and Grass(including Ferns and Shrubs) can be placed in a Flower Pot.

  • Added Cobblestone Walls and a mossy variant
  • The ability to dye leather armor different colors.
    • 16,777,216 potential colors.
    • Put dyes and armor in the crafting grid to apply different dyes.
    • Item tooltip will then display "Dyed" in the right color.
    • Use a cauldron to wash the dye off of the armor.

  • Wolf collars will be dyable.
  • Added Corner Stairs.
  • Added new Map functionality.
    • Maps will be clonable and sharable.
    • Are now crafted as a close zoom scale and can be extended (zoomed out) by adding more paper

  • Paintings no longer drop when clicking in creative.
  • Trapdoors can now be placed at the top or bottom of a block.
  • Heads can be placed for decoration
    • Skeleton, wither skeleton, zombie, player and creeper heads.
    • Can be placed in the same angles as signs.
    • Can be hung against walls.
    • Can be used as hats.
      • First layer of skin will overlap all heads.

    • NBT tags edited for any player's head.
    • Wither Skeleton Skulls can be obtained as a relatively rare drop from wither skeletons.
    • Other heads are currently only obtainable via the creative inventory.

  • Added Pumpkin Pie
    • Crafted with pumpkin, sugar, and eggs

  • Added Carrot, Potatoes, Baked Potato, Poisonous Potato, and Golden Carrot.
    • Carrots and potatoes can now be found either in villages or growing in jungle biomes.

Bug fixes
  • Fix for sleeping in beds above 128

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Update #2 : 10/09/2012 10:53:34 amOct 9th, 2012

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Um is this all from Minecraft wiki and not from your srlf like you copyed this?
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