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Preventing Chunk Walls 1.6 -> 1.7 with the Climate Control mod

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This tutorial explains how to use the Climate Control mod to largely eliminate chunk walls when converting from vanilla 1.6 to vanilla 1.7.

Are you sick of seeing this when you move 1.6 worlds to 1.7?

I got that image by generating in 1.6.4 using the seed "ick", loading it into 1.7.2, and flying north to 208,108. Ick indeed.

Using the Climate Control mod, I can get this:

Same save file used for both pics. And that is genuine 1.7 terrain, and if you keep flying there you'll see new flowers and other things distinctive to 1.7, without ever seeing a chunk wall.

How to do it?

First, you need to have Forge installed.  I recommend versions 1121 or 1147 if you're running 1.7.2 and 1180 if you're running 1.7.10 (1208 is probably fine too but I haven't tested it.)

You then need to add Climate Control to your mod file, open Minecraft once running Forge, and then quit. This creates the config files you'll need.

Second BACKUP YOUR WORLD. Programs have bugs, and you can make a mistake on the complicated configs.

You'll have to run the world two separate times with two slightly different configurations. The first time is for Climate Control to record what would be generated if you continued in 1.6. The second time is to change the world to 1.7. Climate Control will meld together the 1.6 and 1.7 versions of the world to almost eliminate chunk walls.

For the first run, go into the climatecontrol.cfg file in the config directory. You need to set:



"No Generation Changes"=true

Open your world, and quit

Option: if you want a 1.6 world with 1.7 features like new flowers, stained glass, etc., you can just keep playing your world with no further changes. You'll see the same biomes in the same places you would have if you'd stayed in 1.6. You will see the new flowers, and your Taigas will melt (sorry, that's built into 1.7), and you'll have the new recipes.

To see the 1.7 biomes, go into the worldspecificconfig folder in the save directory of this world. Edit the climatecontrol.cfg there. Don't edit the file you edited before in the config directory; that file is for new and newly imported worlds only.


"No Generation Changes"=false

(that's different from the first run)


Re-open the world in Forge, and you're done!

If you want to play vanilla (say to upgrade to 1.8, or just on general principles), it is possible to remove Climate Control. You have to explore far enough in all directions that the original 1.6 area is no longer influencing new generation. I have not tested how far this is, but I estimate you need to go about 1000 blocks in all directions. You will need to make sure to explore EVERYTHING in this region.

Limitations: This does not (currently) work if you used any biome mods in 1.6. Also, you will still sometimes see a small chunk wall area like this:

These are because 1.7 and 1.6 handle coasts and rivers differently.

Also, sometime 1.7 and 1.6 have different heights for the same biome, and you'll see things like this:

Hope you enjoy your converted worlds!
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