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Project C.U.B.E (Map)

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Qwebek avatar Qwebek
Level 14 : Journeyman Architect
Hello, everybody! In this blog, I'm going to explain my upcoming map: Project C.U.B.E

Project C.U.B.E
is a map based on the movie Hypercube, a science-fiction horror film (it's a really good horror movie).
This map will also have a story!


An organisation have made a "special" type of "prison", for people who deserves a second chance. But, they need to make some tests to see if the "prison" works perfectly.

You play as a young adult, who have heard a rumour about that "special prison" that needs people to test the "prison".
You feel determined to test that "prison", as you tried to look on the Internet for some information about that place.

The only you've found, was the name: Project C.U.B.E
and their address.

Type of map: Adventure/parkour/puzzle

I'll post some updates about the progression of the map!

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