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project oxymoron - Ideas

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Level 33 : Artisan Musician

look at the map first

This is a long blog post detailing what I would've done for my map (and eventual server), Project: Oxymoron.
I wanna share the ideas I had while making it. It would have been bigger. Much bigger.

Parts of the Map - Map v2 (image)
Here are some details on parts of the map I would've made. Keep in mind that these don't line up with the map art, because I never got around to updating it. So, here's every section.

The Town - a small, central area with a cafe, seating area, and a clothing store.
The Plaza - a bigger, more busy area, with a pet shop, hotel, secret agent building, and pizza place.
Cabins - i don't really know how this would've worked. maybe like hypixel housing?? you would get a 20x20 or so area inside a prebuilt house to build in maybe
Park and Mini Beach - a chill hangout spot to walk around in.
Cove - separated from the main island by a crack in the surface. nice place.
Hospital and Studio 6 - wouldn't exist. needed to update map.
Unclimbable Mount - i don't know, never planned anything out for this
Lighthouse and Cabin - basically just the snow village.
Spooky Forest with Spooky Secrets - SPOOKY THEMED AREA :000 with a haunted house, bunker, and graveyard
Beach and Cove - standard club penguin stuff

Parts of the Map - Map v3 (concepts)
These were never drawn digitally.
Castle - would be on top of a background mountain. i love castles
Maze - to be in the left forest. maze.
Secret Disco - i actually did start building this a little. two-level disco area under the seating area.
Pizza Place - top level would've been post-2012 CP pizza parlor, then stairs leading to the classic one (in CPR)
Mines - go kart game, had the secret path going to the underground railroad
Underground Railroad - a railroad going to every job site (sno cone place) in the map
Ski Hill - everyone needs a ski hill, right?
Snow Forts - mentioned like once on a concept paper i had
Stadium - see above
Pond - idk, just a drawing i did? in the left forest i think
Arcade - "maybe the one from grav falls? s1e10"

Enamel Pins would replace stamps and pins from Club Penguin
Kart Racer would've had a secret level that was the icy hotel view
Clothing would be implemented
Parties would happen, just slowly, because I'm a one person team

This HAS A SOUNDTRACK and it's pretty good! I love making songs for this, and the leitmotif is good too.
Some unreleased tracks include Ending, DANGER!, Saloon (calm), Saloon, Saloon (busy), Boss Battle

Easter Eggs, Misc., and Secrets
ok so first
I was gonna make a fake news website, Oxymoron News, where i would pretend it wasn't me writing the articles and i would bamboozle everyone by releasing "rumours" that were really just me leaking stuff
Easter Eggs would include lil secret areas. I made Portal 1, but also planned SMB 1-2

All Planned Content Ideas

That's it, I guess.

Thank you for reading!
CreditClub Penguin Rewritten

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