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Project: Travel - A Minecraft Story (Before the Story)

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Before the Story:

That's all I remembered. Just one massive thump. I found myself laying down on the heated surface below me, trying to regain my thoughts.
"Project: Travel."
These ideas scattered through my head, while I was trying to make any sort of connection. No luck.
I slowly made myself sit up, and a massive wave of blood rushed to my head.
"What..." I mumbled in confusion.
I quickly jumped up, looking around the terrain that trapped me in its fiery lands. The most recognizable feature here was the amount of lava and fire. I watched as several armed creatures were absorbed by the melting stare of lava. I knew I was not safe here, so I pushed myself to wonder far away.
I walked for about 30 meters, when I hear a loud screech. Suddenly, a massive fireball is lunged towards me! I dive down, hoping to dodge it, but I still take in a lot of pain. The assassination does not stop. I see three white floating creatures screaming, and firing their balls of fire and misery.
I somehow manage to gather strength in me and I dive out of the way. Cornered, confused, and in pain, I sat in the corner in front of three white monsters ready to strike.
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