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Prolouge: Minecraft Adventures

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avatar xCaptainJax
Level 4 : Apprentice Architect
(So if you so happen to like this, let me know with a comment, and I would love to write more. If you didin't like it. It would be awsome if you could give me some helpful critiscim of what I did wrong. (No hate) Thanks Guys ='D)


So he had just stood their and cried.

He had voiced all of our feelings. In one action. With his eyes looking at his knees and his tears falling from his face to the ground.

And this was what was happening after only half a week, 3 days.

3 days ago we had been riding our little fish boat. 14 men. 5 women. We had brought in fish, lots of fish. 3 days ago we had laughed and the kids played marbles out on the deck. We had plenty to eat, our provisions stocked way to high for a only a week long trip.

That was 3 days ago.

2 days ago we had been caught in this storm, our moods not dampened. Our spirits not broken. We had no idea, this would be maybe one of our last smiles, our last laugh, our last look at friends, and loved ones. 2 days ago we had thought all was well. Until we hit the rocks.

Those rocks. I'll never forget those rocks, because for as long as I live. Those rocks will represent the next few minutes I spent in a hell, the hell that had arrived on earth. We had hit the rocks, and as experienced crewmen immediately started bailing buckets and buckets of water. Our panic hadn't built yet until we heard the explosions. The first one caught us by surprise and I had heard someone shout "What was that!" as the whole boat had shifted to a different side, I remember Tim and going in, and Tim never coming back.

We had Tried our best to fight em off, but they just kept coming, and coming, and coming, there was nothing we could do, explosions were everywhere, and zombies were running at us, and arrows were flying from skeletons, and giant spiders climbed our decks. we lost at least 8 people in the melee. And the others. just passed away in the night. There were only 5 of us now.

Me. Mica. Eren. Sandra. Mandarn. 3 days. In our previous lives that would have seemed a short time. But Now. in our new, event changing lives, it was an eternity of self-pity and mourning.

One day ago, we had slept a restless sleep, not knowing what would happen, or what could happen, but knowing that whatever happened. It wouldn't be the same.

So Today. Was Not only a start of a new day, It was a start of a new life.

End Of Prolouge: By ~Jax.

(Comment Yah! =D)

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