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avatar PuppyDogs124
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Hello? Hello? Yeah, I'm calling to see when the pet store opens!
Your that girl that called yesterday! We already told you its not going to open for another month!
Ummmmm well why can't you hurry up?
Well, we told you, its not going to be ready until they design the inside...
Hurry... Please.. I want a puppy! And your the only pet store in this town! And you haven't even opened yet! People want pets.. Your being slow!!!
Your going to have to wait. I'm not going to accept your call everyday!
Fine.. But if its not open in a month then I'm just going to have to travel out of town!

19 year old Liz was pretty new to the town. And she wanted a puppy. And the pet store hadn't opened yet.

I'm going to get a puppy.. I don't care if they won't open.. I can travel to the other towns_ Wait.... What's that????
*Bark Bark* 
Is that??? A??? PUPPY!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh.. A stray puppy! I want him! He is so cute! 

Hello? Oh, my dog just had puppies... He is one of hers... We will be selling the puppies once the pet store opens... So people don't have to drive to the next town for dog food. I do all that work..

So, your going to sell these puppies? For how much?

We are thinking of selling them for like 50$ each.. They are just a common breed. I see these everywhere..

Well, ill come back later.. Ill consider adopting one.



09/17/2020 4:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Should adopt from a shelter. Don't support pet shops. #adoptdontshop
Love your image!
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