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Level 19 : Journeyman Archer
This is a guide to surviving with PvP:

Rule #1: Travel light: I cannot stress this enough, traveling with a lot of building materials or diamonds is VERY stupid , you die, you lose all of your hard earned diamonds and materials to someone else. Travel with a sword, a small stack of a building material, and food.

Rule #2: Nervious glances over your shoulder: its actually true, looking behind you should will save your life, you see, those people who kill are sneaky ambushers, who will follow you and kill you without you even knowing.

Rule #3: Follow the leader: If you know a guy will follow you, take advantage of it! make him follow you into a ambush of your own lose them around a corner and attack them from behind, alls fair in love and war. and pvp!

Rule #4: When in doubt, Know your way out: When venturing into the wilderness, cave, some ones house ect, make sure you can make a speedy retreat, and in most cases, a VERY speedy retreat, mark the entrance, landmarks, crossroads ect.
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Tactics: These tips will help you if you are attacked (or are attacking) another player.

Tactic #1: Ring-a-ring-a-Rosey: If attacking someone, strafe around them in a circle, well more like jumping but still, circle them while hitting and you will get more hits then they can get in on you, if on the recieving end of this, back away, then run into them while hitting him.

Tactic #2: "I have the high ground": When attacking or being attacked by someone, your height may prove as a advantage, or a curse, having your enemy have to come to you to get a hit in is what you want, so being 2-4 blocks lower then your foe is good, if you are on a hill, wait for your enemy to climb it to attack you, and A: hit him off then do it again as he (or she) climbs up after you or B: jump off over them while hitting them with your weapon and land behind them and get in some more hits, both are good tactics, and may win you a fight that might otherwise be a suicide march.

Tactic #3: Run and don't look back: There is no chance to turn around and fight. The second you slow down, if your enemy isn't an idiot, he should get two or more hits on you. Run up things, learn to jump, learn to type "/home" *really* fast.

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Suvirving your first night:

Don't Build Near Spawn, this will minimise the risk of getting greifed and killed.

First Night, Live in a hole.

Second Night First Day, Scavenge. Gather materials. Find a New spot to hide or one that you may want to build in.
- Mountains.
- Shorelines.
- Flat Lands with Limited Trees or Mountains.

Third Night, Second Day Set up your boarders. Use Dirt if you need to. Map out the area you want to build in. Set a three high wall or four with a lip to prevent ladders.

I do not take credit for this i just wanted you to read it.
www.supportforums.net/showthread.php?tid=19362 that website.

Plz Do not say i stole it. I just wanted to show u it,,,, not take credit for it.
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