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PvP Hotbar Setups

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Hello, here is another useful blog, in the section of PvP. This blog will show you some appropriate ways to organize your hotbar whilst in PvP, whether it's the survival games or simply 1v1'ing. I will go slot by slot on the best item that should be in that slot and explain further why it is an appropriate slot.

Hotbar #1: My Personal Hotbar

By now you may have seen that guy that uses a fishing rod to knock you back, right? Here's a hotbar for that guy, me.

Slot 1 - Weapon

    Your weapon should always be handy in your 1 slot because it is the closest to your fingers while playing. It is the most reliable key because if you're trying to scroll to your 5 slot where your weapon happens to be in, you have a higher chance of mis-scrolling or pressing the wrong key when engaging an opponent. With your weapon being in your 1 slot, you can easily get to it by using your middle finger.

Slot 2 - Fishing Rod
   Your fishing rod should always be close to your weapon so you can easily manuver between the two. You can scroll to your fishing rod, hit your opponent, and scroll back, or you can use the 2-hit-1, where you press 2, hit your opponent with your fishing rod, and press 1 to get back to slot 1.

Slot 3 - Bow

I have my bow in my 3 slot because I can scroll or press 3 to get to it, and quickly press 1 to get back to my weapon when engaging opponents.

Slot 4-8 - Spare Weapons, Fishing Rods, Well-Saturated  Foods, Low-Saturated Foods
   Your middle slots can be used to hold spare tools. Also, it's good to carry both well-saturated foods and low-saturated foods in your hotbar because if you're chasing or running, you can eat appropriately. If your chasing somebody, a good food to use would be steak because it's highly-saturated and heals a lot of hunger. A food to eat while running or simply to eat would be raw foods or cake because you can save your hihgly-saturated food for when the time comes.

Slot 9 - Flint & Steel

   Before I engage an opponent, I sometimes place down fire in front of me with the hopes that they'll charge at me, right into the fire. This is good because they're taking damage during the engagement, and it's harder for them to run away. I have small hands, and it takes too much time to take my hands of the keyboard or mouse to press 9, so I can scroll from 1 backwards to 9 to access it.


That's about all I have to offer on this subject. Maybe sometime in the future I'll add a secondary hotbar setup for people that aren't my style, but until then, thank you for reading,
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