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PvP or SMP/RolePlay Server?


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avatar legitxxpancakes
Level 48 : Master Narwhal
Hey guys it's me legitxxpancakes and I was hoping to get some feedback from you guys! I am opening a new server and am having some trouble with what it should be and a cool name for it that doesn't end in craft. So post in the comments if it should be PvP or SMP/RolePlay! And if you have an idea for the name of the server, post that too! All the feedback counts. And if you guys have a good server host to recommend to me post that server host too!

Thanks so much guys! ~LegitxxPancakes~

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Well, I don't really care what you make, I will support it. PVP is an obvious choice for every person, but roleplaying could be amazing (depending on what the theme is). Well, when the server gets live, message me alright? - bman1019
Of course bman, your a good friend! I am bring back some old friends. Like italic10? From HeroCraft eh? So It'll be open about July 3rd ish so I will add you to our whitelist :) It will not be open to the public for about the 1st month, towards the end of July I may add a few people to the regular people to the whitelist to test it out, we will see :D
We got a ton of feedback on the MCForums, a lot of them chose PvP, but Roleplay was a favorite too so we think i'd be fun to have Roleplay with some PvP but not a ton :)
Im a GREAT story creator. I have played on a hardcore roleplaying server for about a year, so I know a lot, so if you need any help making the roleplay storyline, I could help :D
Sounds good, I will contact you right away when I open it! :D
All right, thanks! :D
Do you have Skype?
Im "Brody Johnston". My pic is of a red haired guy in a painting
My skype name is elder_craft my pic is a trollface :p
Bman! Add me on skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! elder_craft
Alright, just sent the request!

i would like to be staff to if u can???
I have all my Admins picked, but there are no mods yet. The server won't be public till August.
and a name could be pineshaft or bearchshaft
can u port forward my server plz if u have skype ill send the folder to u???

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