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PVP Tutorial/Guide (All you'll do is win)

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PVP Minigames like "Super Smash Mobs", "Trouble in Mineville", "Champions" are just as fascinating as the classic Minecraft PVP in form of "Factions" or simply fights in survival mode.

They are a siginificant part of the Minecraft Community and Millions of players face each other in PVP combats in Minecraft every day.

It's hard to stand out between millions of players, but coming a bit closer to that target is possible by following the next couple of tips ;)

About Minecraft PVP

Minecraft PVP is actually relative simplistic.
With default combat techniques it's simply clicking at your enemy and shooting a bow with the right angle to hit a target.

The simplicity of the combat in Minecraft PVP helps concentrating on a lot of other things though, which also define the winner of a PVP fight.

Melee combat couldn't be more simple. All you can adjust is your "clicking techniques", otherwise it is mostly defined by your position, by gear, knowledge of the area, your teammates and luck.

Because it's that simple, I am gonna start right away with Melee combat.

But first, read this basics:

Gold4 (2 hearts)
Wood4 (2 hearts)
Stone5 (2.5 hearts)
Iron6 (3 hearts)
Diamond7 (3.5 hearts)

Swinging sword while not in range of your enemy"I am going to kill you!"
Spamming the "Block" button randomly"Peace!"

  • Blocking does not make arrows bounce off
  • Blocking decreases damage by 50%
  • A bow deals at least 4 hearts damage when pulled to the max
  • You regenerate half a heart every 2 seconds when you have at least 90% saturation
  • You deal more damage (critical hits) when you hit an enemy while you are falling
  • You can't deal more than 2 hits per second to an enemy (unless a plugin, lags or hacks change this rule)

Melee Combat
PVP Tutorial/Guide (All you'll do is win)
No matter how fast you spam your mouse buttons, you won't be able to hit faster than 2 times a second.
There is a data value inside the game which makes entities invincible for a certain time period after they got hit.

However, the faster you click the more likely you will hit in the moment, the protection is gone which is why you have better chances to win if you click faster.

I recommend using the right hardware, a good mouse will help you clicking faster and more accurate.

Every hit (no matter what weapon) has a minimum amount of knockback on the enemy.

Here are the rules:
1. If you sprint, you have more knockback on your weapon, but can also be knocked further away.
2. Sneaking does not affect knockback.
3. You can prevent knockback by walking towards your enemy, and so can your enemy.

By keeping this rules in mind when you are trying to knock someone off a mountain for example, you increase your chances of winning by causing fall damage to your enemy.
Those tips will also help you keeping people at distance if you want to run away.

Blocking in Minecraft is nearly entirely useless unless you use it for the famous "Block-Hit".
With using this technique you can deal a normal amount of damage while reducing incoming damage eventually.

However, in this sitation some hits won't land because the enemy can keep you on distance extremely easily, so only use it when you are not trying to chase anyone or trying to run away.

Block-Hitting will also decrease your movement speed, so enemies can get away faster.
(That's why it is a devensive technique)
This is the best technique on smaller islands or in close quarters.

You can block-hit by pressing the right mouse button nearly in the same moment as your left mouse button.
As I mentioned earlier, you can only hit two times a second so what you have to accomplish is to ONLY block while you are waiting to hit the next time.
The closer you come to have this perfect defense, the less damage you'll take.

Ranged Combat
Even if you follow all advice for melee combat and even if you have a lot of skill, you should always choose a bow in a combat as your first weapon.
Especially when your enemy has none, you can cause extra damage to him with a bow before he even reaches you, which is why the bow can decided nearly any kind of combat, no matter how far away the enemy is.

A bow should always be your first choice, when you have none, choose the sword.

Bows can basically kill an enemy with two hits if he's not wearing armor.
If you pull a bow to the max and hit an enemy who is currently jumping (which causes extra damage), then you will be able to cause up to six hearts damage.

I don't care if the wiki doesn't say so, I played more than enough Trouble in Mineville to know how much a bow can hurt you(r feelings).

Most bow fights end up taking place behind a corner.
Here you can use a lot of psychology if you follow the next tips.

Even if you are at full health and way stronger, hide behind a corner. You can cause a lot of damage unexpectetetetetly, if you stop behind a corner, pull a bow and shoot it right into your enemies face when he appears behind the corner.
Movement of the people who chase you is extremely predictable in such sitations, so you'll hit easily in most cases.

Basically, when you are being chased, try to hide behind corners and use your bow, however, when you chase people then try to avoid corners as much as you can.

However, if you are behind a corner and your enemy is trying to shoot you as soon as you go out, you can use a little psyschological trick to deal damage on him.

What your foe expects is you, slowly crawling out of the corner to land a safe hit on him.
That's what your enemy is waiting for.
If you want to make a surprising and effective attack, simply run and jump out of the corner and shoot your foe into his surprised face.
Your foe will miss you (I can nearly guarantee for that).

General Tips for PVP
This might not help in games like Factions, but it does help in games like "Trouble in Mineville" for example.
By fooling your enemies into thinking that you are a helpess, easy kill, you make them act uncareful and trick them into sure death.

If they think you are a noob they won't use advanced tactics and techniques like Block-Hitting, but instead just click at you normally like you were a mob and not even a player.

You can do that by writing stupid comments in the chat about how you don't know how to play or by acting like you were panicking all the time.
The better you can act, the more dangerous situations you can "defuse".

Tip for "Trouble in Mineville":
Run away from everything in existance (except for detectives) if you are innocent.
People who then start chasing you are quite often Traitors, also if you are a traitor you can set up traps this way quite easily)

A lot of people encountered hundreds of people who saw them and ran away, but not many that suddenly turned around and started beating the hearts out of them.

Those are unexpected and unusual moves which are significant in MC combat.

You can also trick people by acting like you look into a different direction so they can stab you in the back while you are in F5 mode and then surprise them by turning around out of sudden.

Such moments with which people don't have any experience with are what you can use against them.
Even if you only confuse an enemy for 1 second, that still means that you might have landed a hit or two on them in this second of helplessness.

Also, set up traps behind corners and doors, that's unexpected for sure.

Especially when you are playing games like "Survival Games", do not trust anybody.
From time to time you will find a buddy with which you can play the game in a team, in most cases your "teammate" will just wait until you find a better item or until you don't watch what your "teammate" is doing and then you'll get slaughtered.

And it's really not like you can see such betrayal coming, as a couple of clicks are enough to kill you basically.

When talking about strangers, especially on the internet, you have absolutely no reason to trust them unless you are with them on teamspeak or have any kind of closer contact.

Never trust the man in the big, white van. (Even if he offers you candy)

Ok, that's it I guess.
If you want to add some of your experience here, then just comment on the blog.
Also, if you like it, then it'd help me out if ya'd.

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well if you wanna try to pvp me meet me at mc legends
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