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Q&A questions answered! :3

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avatar NightmarErRoR
Level 32 : Artisan Warrior
Alrighty, time to answer the questions I got! :D I put it in a blog, because this is gonna be long. :3

SharpShQQt3r's question: Have You Ever Watched Gravity Falls, Beginning To End?

My answer: No, actually, though I do plan on watching it sometime. :3

Wikimaster0's question: Do you use a specific resource pack in Minecraft?

My answer: No, I use the default resource pack, haha. X3

confusing's question: how did you get into skinning, and who are you inspired by?

My answer: I actually got into skinning because there was this character I loved, but nobody made a skin of them, so I decided to try, I was very proud of it. (It wasn't good at all, haha.) I'm actually inspired by a lot of people, here's some of them: Angel, annaru, Vedahlia HQ, Kawaii, and you. :D

leafbirb's question: What're your thoughts on the steven universe season 5 finale?

My answer: Well, I think I'll be great, when I finally reach those episodes, I've actually just started watching it. :3

ChatieTheDragon's question:
Very important question...

cake or ice cream? 😜

My answer: I guess cake, but I really do like both. X3

potato_waifood's question: Who is your second favorite character from Food Fantasy? :o

My answer: Steak, I don't have him yet, but he seems awesome! :D

Feel free to ask me more questions in the comments! :3

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06/18/2019 9:46 pm
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
AAAAAAYYYYYYYY My top favorite is him uwu
I had to get him through shard fusion since I was desperate and he was incredibly hard to summon for me :p
I love him so much with all my heart he's amazing
06/18/2019 9:56 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Warrior
Awesome! X3
And yeah, he does seem awesome! :3
06/19/2019 3:17 am
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
mhm uwu
06/18/2019 2:54 pm
Level 48 : Master Lemon
awe thank you for mentioning me! O:
06/18/2019 2:55 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Warrior
Aww, it's no problem at all! owo

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