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Quest Of 11! | Interview w/ WoNeJo!?! | w/ parshu the Host | 3 |


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Hello guys! We are doing more interviews! Yay! WoNeJo had asked me to upload this quite a while ago... but well I kinda didn't have time. You might or might not have noticed, but I figured out a name for the Interview series! Its Quest Of 11! I'll just go run away from the cringe... but I had no other choice. Its going to stick. To sad, right. Well other than that lets just get started! By the way credit to WoNeJo for joining! You can check him out here!

Interview w/ WoNeJo!

parshu: So have you played minecraft for a long time?
WoNeJo: Yes, like 6 years!

parshu: Do you think that PMC and minecraft are going to die with their communities?
WoNeJo: Well, someday. I think.

parshu: You have a single submission, the fishing one. Where did u get that idea? (As Of A While Ago, When These Questions Were Asked)
WoNeJo: When the Bass Crafters competition was released, it said "You can also do mini-games, like fishing a mob", and well, the idea got to me, I don't know how ;P.

parshu: It has been getting really popular. So do you think it will be successful and it would be the way you wanted it to be?
WoNeJo: I don't think so. People don't like games like those. Because you just have to be patient, and there's no adrenaline.

By chance are you going to make other submissions?

WoNeJo: Of course ;). Give me some ideas ;P

What made you choose your weird name?

WoNeJo: Well, if you want to translate my name to English, it would be like "Wabbit"... Rabbit in Spanish its Conejo. I just took the animal and changed the C for a W. Like the Looney Toons.

parshu: Have you tried any dancing classes?
WoNeJo: I wanted but i didn't ;V

parshu: Whats your favorite food?
WoNeJo: Cappelletti

parshu: What would you like to add in minecraft if it could be in your hands?
WoNeJo: I would love to color wood in minecraft ;P.

parshu: You are quite new to PMC at the time as u joined it on Nov of 2016. Where did you find PMC?
WoNeJo: I wanted to upload my map but i didn't know where. So i searched minecraft sites and i came here ;D

parshu: Isn't this interview stupid. Why or why not?
WoNeJo: Well. The first questions where okay xD. Then you didnt know what to ask. ;V
parshu: Did I?
Well Guys Now That is over! Currently... I have other Interviews in line too... so yeah. Not much to say really. Tell me any mistakes there might be in the interview. If you want to get interviewed, either comment down below, or PM me. Or, if you happen to encounter me in chat, you can ask me at that time. Other than that, have a nice life, live as long as I know what questions to ask!
Credit:WoNeJo for joining, JediJerboa for the original idea

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