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Quick Story - The Truest End

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BiCrafter752 avatar BiCrafter752
Level 12 : Journeyman Scribe
I came up with this story after farming far too many ender pearls.

The cool air lays still and flat in the End, the dimension that I call home. My friends, family, and everyone I have ever known stand by me, proud of how far I have come. I was the first enderman to bring mysterious Overworld dirt to this realm, and now is a time of celebration. The dirt stands on the tallest obsidian pillar, on pride of place where an end crystals once stood, before our mighty dragon had been slain by a short being, native to the Overworld. They wore a strange black armour which made us resistant to the dragons attacks, and slayed with a long stick that had been launched by a strange contraption. Suddenly, the cool silence on the island bursts into shrieks, and I feel Overworld water splash my skin, the droplets feeling akin to acid. I teleport to the mysterious portal at the centre of the island, and watch. the chaos unfold. The short creature has returned, this time to slay my kin. They throw strange balls at our feet filled with water to weaken us, then I watch my siblings fall one by one to their axe. They pick up an eye from my father, the one being I was closest to, and throw it at the tallest spire. Within seconds, they teleport there, and grab the dirt block and fly down, using mighty wings from our only protector, the dragon. They run towards the portal, staring me in the eye, but I swing my long arms at them, causing them to fly backwards. A bucket of water is dumped at my feet, and I fall to the ground. The last thing I see is the being looking at me with disdain, and jumping into the portal, dirt still in hand. I will not forget them.

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