Tips on 2: How to keep your projects remembered/looked at

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So as all of you new here on PMC, and even those veterans as well, might be wondering, how's it even possible to keep your projects on the positive side of being remembered/looked at?

The answer is simple really! One thing I've noticed since joining back in late September of '11 is the way in which you tag your projects. That is a major part in it. In fact, it IS the major part in it. How you tag your projects/skins/TPs/whatever is the most important step. Many of you just don't even bother with it and still get away fine with it b/c of the quality of your work.

For some it is in fact the quality of your work that is in itself good enough to keep it on the positive side of being looked at/remembered and even talked about. For me, though, it's been a bit of that and the way I tag things. I mean sure, my work isn't great like that of Rova's or Disco_'s, but my point is is that I've been able to have more than what I was originally expecting out of my own work, mostly in part on my Sangrose Mtn. Castle project. And that project alone had very little thought and time behind it to the point I was expecting it to only make it to maybe a thousand views, if even that. And same goes with my Crater Castle! Though, I'll admit I had more hope for my Crater Castle than I did for my Sangrose Mtn. Castle with me expecting it to get to a max of 1,500 views. But obviously I was dead wrong on both accounts.

Now I only had that kind of set of expectations for those because I felt like I shouldn't even be worthy enough to even be allowed to post them with people like Rova and Disco_ on here; a little exaggerated but still pretty dang close to how I really felt.

The point is here folks, don't rely on just the title and cover picture of your project to get you noticed. It's also how you present the project both in the pictures you include, the quality of the pictures and work done on the project, and how you tag the project in the end, even if it doesn't make the popular reel. Even look at my Crater Castle and my Sangrose Mtn. Castle originals and you'll see that they're still my top two projects in popularity, even the updates don't top them, at least not yet anyways.

So remember, quality pictures and work on the projects, tagging, and how you present the project here on PMC through both of those are the main contributing factors here, and not how well or how much you advertise them. And I'll admit, I've always have been a sucker for attempting to advertise a lot, it's just what I do.

Also, try to keep your underestimating yourself to a minimum! It tends to help to do so, just like looking for ideas through other's work does. If you're able to incorporate ideas of other's projects into your own without stealing their ideas, you'll be off down a great path here on PMC.

07/06/2012 9:26 pm
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