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Hello, fellow Minecrafters.
It has been quite some time since Datapacks have been first introduced into Minecraft, yet the datapacking community still has not fully found its ground. Therefore, in order to help the community, I am here to give an overview of r/datapacks - a unique subreddit intended for datapackers and all those that enjoy using datapacks to enchance their Minecraft experience.

What is the subreddit about?

The subreddit is intended to help datapackers promote their datapacks by sharing them on a forum accessible to those interested. This also benefits Planet Minecraft and its users, as one can simply make a proper site about their datapack here and then just share the link on the subreddit! Another useful benefit derived from this is for people that are not creators but users. Thanks to this tool, they can now easily find datapacks to their liking and as such support their favourite creators through this website.

How can I, as a creator, use this to my advantage?

As hinted before, truly the process for datapack creators to share and promote what they have made, has been made a lot easier thanks to this opportunity. As someone willing to gather clout around their imaginative work, you are offered multiple options, from which you can pick the one most to your liking. Want to prevent writing lengthy essays to describe what your datapack is about? No worries, all you need to do is write a title (the name of your datapack, hopefully including the gist of its function) and then just add an url linking to a place where the datapack can be downloaded from. For those that already made a post about their datapack elsewhere and do not want to repeat all the details on reddit, then can instead just provide a link to the forum where they have shared more information, instead of providing a direct download link.

Another huge benefit for creators is that now if they encounter any problems in the process of creating and experimenting with their datapack creations, they can simply visit the subreddit and ask the necessary questions to figure out a solution. The subreddit has a pretty active community that is willing and able to work in this area and ensure that everyone has the best experience possible, as such, datapackers are glad to be able to provide a helping hand to those struggling or experimenting with some problem in their creative process.

How can I, as a consumer, use this to my advantage?

For consumers/users of datapack creations, this is a great place to find out about new datapacks that might not be easily discovered elsewhere. Moreover, it bestows upon them the additional perk of being able to support their favourite creators in a completely new way, by providing them with upvotes. It is also an intuitive tool for giving out feedback, whether in a detailed form by commenting or just by downvoting creations that lack that something extra that you are looking for.


All in all, whether any subreddit can truly provide benefits to a community depends above all else on the community itself. Therefore, I encourage you to submit and review the datapacks found here, in order to broaden the appeal of the Datapacking community to new forums such as reddit. Thank you very much and keep up your datapacking!

Visit the subreddit at: www.reddit.com/r/datapacks/
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