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RANT: Too many pay to play servers

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avatar Amethystx87
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So, there's one thing about a lot of minecraft servers I've always disliked;

Donations feel more like a purchase for like an iPod app, where you get in app purchases, although you could pay the game for free. Some people donate to servers very quickly not for the fact that they believe the server deserves a bit extra to stay up, but because they want that creative mode to build a better town than every other player.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with giving little perks for donators, but make that LITTLE perks. On my server I have a few packages, but I don't give anyone except for admins and builders creative. I think it's not right to put some players at a higher priority than others because they give you an amount of money.

I also hate servers that won't ban donators for breaking the rules. Yes, I know we're all human, and we favor others occasionally, but if a donator decides to curse out a player, then grief a building, they deserve the exact same treatment as anyone else.

Money doesn't make someone better than others. People need to learn lessons in morality and use some of their own money to pay for their servers. And if you have the whole "But I don't have enough to pay for it" comment, then you shouldn't be running a server. Only buy what you can pay for.
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