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Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard Review From a Minecraft Player | TheSilentWind

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
Hello, everyone! Today, I'm going to be doing something different. Since it is quite nice to try doing something new every once in a while, I'm going to be reviewing the Razer Ornata Chroma, a Mecha-Membrane keyboard. Of course, I will be posting more poems, stories, and articles to hopefully inspire you! But since I have wanted to do this review for a while, I have decided I'm going to do it. Now, keep in mind that I won't be reviewing all the features as I don't really use it for many games outside of Minecraft.

Before I start, I would also like to say that good and bad is subjective. It depends on what you are looking for, what you value, and what you dislike. This review includes subjective content, so please don't lash out if you do not agree with my opinion(s). In addition, yes, the facts are objective.

What is Mecha-Membrane and what are my thoughts on it?
A keyboard that uses Razer's switches which combines Mechanical switches with Membrane switches. These switches give off tactile feedback, but at the same time, your fingers won't get tired easily as the keys have a soft touch to them. It gives off a crisp clicky sound each time you press a key, but in my opinion, it isn't too loud to the point of it annoying me. It's also quite relaxing for me as it's quite satisfying to type on it.

What is the pricing and do I think it's worth it?
When the keyboard is not on sale, it costs $99.99 (99.99 USD) per keyboard on Amazon. In addition, I personally believe its worth the price as it has good quality and has nice features, which I will soon get into. It's not too expensive and has all the things that I want for a keyboard.

My thoughts on the LED backlighting:

Personally, the LED backlighting of the Ornata Chroma really adds a touch to it. I have wanted a backlit keyboard of some sort ever since discovering their existence, so this is something that plays a major role in choosing this keyboard. The keyboard lights up Chroma, meaning it can change colors either by you or by the set lighting effects. There are 16.8 million colors to choose from.
Click to see my thought and the facts on individual lighting effects:
Breathing: It's a simple effect. It fades in one color, fades out, and then fades back in with a second color. You are given the choice to pick the two colors that you want it to fade in and out to, or you can select it at random and have it choose for you each time.

Fire: A warming and relaxing feeling when you look at the keyboard. It's probably not the best effect for summer.

Reactive: The keys light up individually each time you push them. You can choose what color you want it to light up.

Ripple: A cool feature that creates a "rippling" effect each time you push the keys. It will ripple outwards from the key that you have pushed. I would like to give a warning that you shouldn't use this effect if you are prone to seizures, especially if you type fast. I personally don't prefer to use this, as I type fast (150 words per minute). I find it bothersome when I try to type out an article, essay, story, or just to play games with it (by games, I'm referring to minigames, pvp, roleplay, etc).

Spectrum Cycling: This is the default lighting effect that the keyboard is set to. It slowly eases into different colors through the spectrum. It's quite relaxing and mesmerizing to look at.

Starlight: It randomly twinkles from key to key like stars. I think it's quite cool, but it isn't my thing. It is a bit distracting, in my opinion. Even though I don't look at my keys to type (I touch type), it being in my peripheral vision makes it harder to concentrate.

Static: You choose one color and it stays that color until you decide to change it.

Wave: The colors shift from one side of the keyboard to another. I personally do not prefer this effect, as I find it hard to concentrate at times. It moving quickly makes it even more distracting, in my opinion. Again, if you suffer from seizures, I wouldn't recommend this effect.

CUSTOM: This is the effect that I would recommend you all trying. You can create your own lighting design with Razer's Chroma Configurator. You can be as creative as you want, as every key is individually backlit. You can create layers, such as a reactive layer over a static or custom layer (within the custom configuration). (I'm sorry that it's confusing, but this isn't a tutorial.)

None: You can turn off the lighting, but you might as well not get a backlit keyboard (or at least not spend money for the Chroma lighting if you don't want it to be backlit. You can get the Ornata Expert, which still does light up, but you cannot change the lighting effects.

My thoughts on certain aspects of Razer Synapse and the Chroma Configurator:
The Customize setting is simple. You can bind a different key to what the key originally does. Yes, I am aware of the Macros and such in Razer Synapse, but I'm not going to go over that since I haven't had much experience with it. The Chroma Configurator is quite simple to use in my opinion. This only applies to the Custom lighting effect. You select the keys by dragging your mouse to cover the keys that you want to change, then you put in a number for the RGB. Although it is fairly simple to use, it can be annoying to get a certain color that you want sometimes. You might have to open a secondary program to get the RGB code and put them into the keys, and sometimes, you might have to do it one by one.

My typing/gaming experience with it overall:
It has been great so far. I have been typing faster with better accuracy than I did on a normal Membrane keyboard (up to 175 WPM). As for PvPing and minigames (since roleplaying, and I suppose I should include this: server management has to do with mostly typing, the keyboard benefits me by what I have already stated above), it has been great so far as I know which key I hit. It helps me strafe and move accordingly to hit the opponent. In addition, the keys being mid-height really benefits me personally. It's not too low to the point of me skipping keys when I type too fast (that's why I have better speed and accuracy), and it's not too high to the point of it requires a lot of strength to push.

The Wrist Rest:
It can increase your typing speed even more if you attach it to the keyboard. It's quite soft. I personally find it useful for typing essays, stories, articles, and specifically PvPing. It seems quite durable unless you rage on it or aggressively type.

4.8 out of 5 stars, it's great overall, but it's a bit hard to clean, and some lighting effects are distracting. I generally prefer making my own custom design anyway, so it doesn't really bother me much. To me, this keyboard is almost perfect. Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed. :)

Check it out at https://www.razer.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-ornata-chroma
Credithttps://www.razer.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-ornata-chroma |

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