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Beacon blocks, Night vision and server command blocks!

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Unfortunately all the old nostalgic pre-release info from beta 1.9 onwards is permanently lost because of the size limit of blogs.

1.4 Pre-release 1

Download and description: Mojang Blog post

A little bit of info on the upcoming 1.3.2 update is that it will only be bugfixing the worst bits of 1.3, so no new content. Pretty good in my opinion, I would rather they stabilised it to a playable state first.

The first 1.4 pre-release does have some new content though!

  • Zombies, skeletons and zombie pigmen have enchanted armor and weapons.
  • Villagers turn into zombies when killed by a zombie.
  • Villagers trading has been changed: Villagers will not like you if you hurt them and like you if you trade with them more. By doing different trades with the villager can cause them to restock old sold-out trades.
  • Large trees now generate their branches with rotated logs

A Zombie Villager, wearing armour:


'Beacon Blocks'
In-Game they are called 'Work In Progress' This is an interesting new addition, no crafting recipe for it yet. By using either gold/iron/diamond/emerald blocks you can make pyramids and place the beacon block on top. They emit light and Every 4 seconds they give an 8 second buff to any player within 24 blocks.

To turn it on put an ingot/gem into the block and select your chosen buff, then press the tick button.


As you build the pyramid higher more buffs become available to unlock:

Level 1:
Speed (speed boost), Haste (Faster mining speed)

Level 2:
Jump Boost (Can jump 5 blocks), Resistance (Defense boost)

Level 3:

Level 4
Secondary power: Regeneration

Command Block


The only way to get these is with the "/give 137 1" command. This is a magical block, when powered by redstone it will perform a server /command. You can perform a server command such as /give or /gamemode. Fantastic for adventure maps and servers. So many options for what it could do. Can also target the player that triggered it, a random player, or all players.


Night Vision Potion

This greatly increases your night-time vision, even on 'moody' brightness it looks like dusk and on 'Bright' it looks like daytime.




Older 1.3 Pre-releases

Older 1.3 Prereleases

Final 1.3 Pre-release

Download and description: Mojang Blog post

This is the final pre-release, it will essentially be the same as the release. Get it on it now while you wait for August 1st to roll around ;)

1.3 pre-release 13 features:

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Well 1.3 is really close now, This is the final snapshot before the pre-release. This is pretty much what 1.3 is going to be like. Changes since the last version:

  • Chatting should now work ok even if the server is lagging
  • F3 now shows your feet and your head level
  • Logs are now rotatable
  • Creepers now do more damage, but the damage scales depending on your difficulty. Creepers on hard mode can reduce you to 2 hearts with full diamond armour.
  • Explosions now give knockback
  • Reduced XP from furnaces
  • Lots of bugfixes and optimisation

1.3 pre-release 12 features:

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Once again, nothing fantastic but at least we are slowly moving towards a release. The official release date is set for August 1st. Even though it's taking ages for 1.3 to come out, I'm glad they have a lot of time to iron out a 1.3 release that has minimal bugs. Check out the blog post above for a great big summary from Jeb that is well worth a read. I'll just highlight some of the notable changes in this snapshot:

  • Further optimisation to try to reduce the increased resource requirements
  • Changes to fix bugs with pistons. However this unfortunately seems to change the way they act and will break some piston systems :/
  • Boats now drop boats when broken
  • Signs stack to 16 and the recipe now makes 3 signs instead of 1 (Awesome!)

1.3 pre-release 11 features:

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Nothing exciting this week, just more bugfixing and smoothing out of the game. You can tell 1.3 must be pretty close now. Notably they have finally patched the sand/gravel duplication bug and spawners can now spawn charged creepers and Villagers with preset trades.

1.3 pre-release 10 features:

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

This week continues with a lack of new content but some tweaking and fixing. Seems boring but it does also mean that 1.3 is probably coming soon. Maybe 2 weeks now?

  • Addition of Multiplayer options and interface for single player worlds.
  • Pigs now drop 1 - 3 pork instead of 0 - 2
  • Finally there are 4 types of wooden stairs.
  • If you start drowning, the damage no longer prevents you from reaching the surface
  • Villagers now run out of resources and eventually remove their trades as they run out.

Thanks to Gawfield305 for this explanation:

Command: /publish
What pops up on sp screen: [persons PC name]-Port:[numbers]
What other players type on Direct Connect is what you see on your screen after you do /publish.

1.3 pre-release 9 features:

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Again, this week seems to be mostly some bugfixes and improvements. Based on the bugfixes in the last 2 snapshots we are probably getting towards a release of 1.3 soon. Perhaps a week or two now?

  • Single player servers are now in their first (buggy) working version. Invite a player to your single player world using /publish
  • Ender chests in SMP now have an inventory per player
  • Levers can be placed attached to the bottom of a block
  • Loads of little bugfixes

1.3 pre-release 8 features:

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Mostly some bugfixes and improvements with this weeks snapshot:

  • Lv 17 and above enchantments are now slightly less linear again (higher levels are harder)
  • Mining ores gives 3 times less XP
  • Tripwire is now triggered by any entity, including arrows. Also the maximum tripwire distance is now 40 blocks.
  • Boats are now faster and easier to control
  • You can now see other players breaking blocks in SMP.
  • You can now see enchanted items in SMP
  • Numerous bugfixes / gameplay tweaks

1.3 pre-release 7 features:

Another week, and another update! After last weeks update, it's not like it can match up, but it seems mostly like a polishing snapshot, improving and fixing various aspects. That being said, there are some very cool new additions - read on!

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Simple stuff:
  • Can now make a block of emerald
  • Creative inventory has been rejuggled and improved a bit, including naming different wood blocks to their respective wood type, armor, potions and crafting as well as a delete button
  • Pausing in single player works again :D
  • Various small changes and fixes including minor terrain generation changes
  • Improvements to placing half slabs
  • Rain drips through leaves
  • Smelting with a lava bucket doesn't use up the bucket anymore

Interesting stuff:

/gamemode 2 now puts you into adventure mode. It's still totally unfinished but it's nice to see it there. Adventure mode is mostly useful for hardcore survival scenarios or adventure maps. You cannot break or place blocks in adventure mode, but you can interact with switches, doors and villagers. This will really help with control and design of adventure maps, and be a somewhat more immersive experience in my opinion.

Enchantment system has been rebalanced. It isn't perfect but is a massive step in the right direction: Level 50 is now reduced to 30, you get more lucky, dont have to cycle through enchantments to find the highest level anymore, and mining ores and smelting can now give experience orbs.

New Jungle temples to add to the list of randomly spawned structures. Includes traps :3


Villager trading has been improved, the option to trade two items is now available, as well as new trades. In the picture below you can see you can trade armor for enchanted armor. Villager trading is really starting to take shape now as something that can actually be useful rather than a bit of a gimmick.


Tripwire hook! Oh yes, so very cool. Place tripwire blocks apart from each other and then place string on the ground inbetween them to join them up. Your tripwire can be up to 19 blocks long. Once the tripwire blocks are connected, if you step onto any of the tripwire string, a redstone pulse will be emitted from the block attached to the tripwire blocks. Obviously it is useful for traps, but it can also be used for intruder warning systems or automate any other function you want - turning on a light, opening a door, playing a doorbell, just about anything you can think of!


The new golden apple is here! It takes 8 gold blocks and an apple. To be perfectly honest it is REALLY powerful even though it's cost is very high! So what does it do? It gives you 30 secs of really powerful Level 4 regen, 5 mins fire resistance and 5 mins of another ability I do not know - it looks like boosted defence maybe? If any of you know, please let me know in the comments!



1.3 pre-release 6 features:

Wow! What a bumper update this week! Since they've had 2 weeks to work on this snapshot, we have quite a few changes.

Minor changes:
  • A few terrain changes
  • Sandstone stairs
  • Various minor fixes/changes

The interesting stuff:

A new ore! Emerald! It is currently red, but this is just an error, and it will be green when fixed. It is incredibly rare currently, making diamond look as common as coal. Emerald is approximately 40 times rarer than diamond and only spawns within certain biomes.


New currency and trade system
Emerald forms the new currency item, and the ability to trade with villagers you find. Lots of great future possibilities with this! Just right click a villager and trade some emeralds for whatever they are offering. Different villagers have different trades, and returning to the same villager can give you new trades to choose from! You can also trade them your items to get more Emeralds.


New building
An interesting new random temple can spawn in desert biomes, For the moment I think it seems mostly empty. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but there are some hidden traps and chests there! The chests also give particularly good loot, and if you're clever you can also harvest some of the materials used in the traps :D


Ender chest
This is cool, I'm very fond of it. The Ender chest is a magic chest with a persistent inventory across worlds. What does this mean? It means you can make multiple ender chests anywhere in the world, or the Nether or the End, and they share the same inventory - you can place stuff in your Nether chest, and then take it out from your home chest. Alternatively, you could make an Ender chest in the End and withdraw wood you had already stored there.

In SMP, every Ender chest is linked, rather than having a seperate ender chests inventory for each player. This is to avoid it being too overpowered. From what I can analyse however, this is useless as anything you put in an Ender chest will merely be stolen by someone else!


6b Changes
The 6b hotfix has fixed some bugs that prevent you from playing single player and made the emerald ore green like it should be. The new creative inventory adds a much easier tabbed way to view different types of items, and even allows you to search via name:



(Pre-release 6b download)
Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

1.3 pre-release 5 features:

This week some more behind the scenes work and bugfixes on the whole SP/MP transition. Hopefully a working version in the next snapshot?

  • Cocoa beans are now easier to obtain, they have been added to jungle biomes. Good for cookies!

  • The sandstone blocks have been named 'Chiseled Sandstone' and 'Smooth Sandstone'.

  • There is now the option to generate worlds as a 'large biome' type. This spreads outs the biomes quite a bit and stops those weird areas where you have 4 or 5 biomes converging at one point.

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

1.3 pre-release 4 features:

This week's a weird one! A few features:
  • Wooden tools can be burnt in furnaces
  • Villagers now spawn random types
  • Updates and bug fixes

The real interesting feature they have started implementing is hosting servers within single player. Currently recipes and features etc are stored in single player and server jars. This is a move towards unifying the system to make it easier to add new features, and make multiplayer hosting much easier. The server jar will be kept in your minecraft folder, allowing you to invite someone directly into your single player map, without you actually starting a server.

It's buggy and incomplete so far, but once all the features get added and bugs fixed, this could be a very neat change to minecraft.

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

1.3 pre-release 3 features:

  • Wood half slabs are now in colours - good for designing builds!
  • Some bug fixes, including the creative pick-block crashes
  • Other secret stuff...
  • And of course, Editable books!

To make a book and quill:


Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

1.3 pre-release 2 features:

  • Added a free demo mode (not enabled yet)
  • Added randomly generated treasure chests option
  • Added option to use singleplayer commands
  • Some tweaks and fixes

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

1.3 pre-release 1 features:

This newest pre-release has a censored release notes! Here is what I have found so far, and will update as I find out more!

  • Shift clicking is added to brewing stands and armor.
  • Dropped items merge into a stack - prevents lag from excess entity rendering.

  • In creative right-clicking a cart will give it the equivalent of coal
  • Dispensers have been upgraded: they can now dispense carts and boats into the object rather than a floating item.
  • Various creative inventory changes: blocks with different damage values dont stack, clicking a new block gives you the new block rather than deleting the current one :/
  • Middle clicking in creative mode allows you to 'pick block' you are looking at and get it in your hand.

  • Mob eggs now spawn babies

  • Creative-picking reeds, redstone blocks or signs doesn't give you the item
  • Creative-picking the extended part of a piston or the Ender dragon crashes the game
  • Changing GUI scale crashes the game
  • Updating a gravity-affected block which should fall crashes the game

Download: Jeb's Blog post (Client and Server)

Older 1.2 Pre-releases

Older 1.2 Pre-releases

1.2.4 features:

1.2.4 has some neat new features. The full update list can be viewed on the MC login page, but here are some of the highlights:

  • A whole load of new bug and exploit fixes, including some of those horrific lighting bugs >.>

  • Few new tweaks to the F3 debug screen

  • FPS on menu screens is now limited to 250 FPS
Thank goodness! This stops your graphics card exploding from running at very high FPS it was not designed to run at.
  • Chat history
Very neat :D
  • Changes to cats
They sit on your chests! Stops you opening them!
  • Very sexy new decorative blocks
2 new types of sandstone and 3 new different coloured wooden planks!

The new wood comes from the 3 types of wood: Darkwood, Birch and Jungle trees

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Minecraft 1.4 Pre-Release 1

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Final 1.3 Pre-release.

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New release: 1.3 pre-release 7

Update #28 : 05/25/2012 11:05:01 am5/25/12

Updated for the 1.3 pre-release 6b hotfix and added some more information.

Update #27 : 05/24/2012 12:52:05 pm5/24/12

New release: 1.3 pre-release 6

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New release: 1.3 pre-release 2

Update #22 : 04/13/2012 11:57:44 am4/13/12

New release: 1.3 pre-release 1

Update #21 : 03/30/2012 10:34:39 am3/30/12

New release:1.2.5 pre-release

Update #20 : 03/23/2012 12:53:34 pm3/23/12

Update with some information about the sexy new blocks and other features of 1.2.4

Update #19 : 02/29/2012 4:18:46 pm2/29/12

New release: 1.2 preview download

Update #18 : 02/23/2012 5:29:22 pm2/23/12

New release:1.2 pre-release 6

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New release:1.2 pre-release 3

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New release:1.2 pre-release 1

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Unknown, but it won't be too soon, several weeks at least.
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if you have 1.3.2, do you have to re-download minecraft to get 1.4, or does it automatically update. this is my first ever minecraft update, so i wanna be sure
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This is a pre-release of 1.4 you have to download and install. When 1.4 is actually released it will automatically update.
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does that work with all of the updates to come?
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when does 1.4 come out?
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Hard to say. Likely several weeks/months.
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how do u upsate an server to pre release?
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Download the server jar and use a bat file to run it. Instructions are in my how to make a server guide.
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What do you want to say me? =/
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I heard some people built a time machine and a teleportation device using the command blocks!
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This video was fake, duuuude D:
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What video?
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And how did they make the teleporter? Ima gonna go use it right now.
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  • October 3, 2012, 11:29 am
The teleported that was placed into the command block was like the tp command when you use it in single player like /tp [playername] [coordinants]. Coordanants is the area it tp's you to. I think thats how it works
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Time machine? Is there even a command for that?
  • Gawfield305
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I found it somewhere in PMC. Try typing in 1.4 pre release Time Machine or something like that.
  • Gawfield305
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heres the link to the time machine that uses the command block.

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Yeah there are so many amazing possibilities!
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  • September 24, 2012, 7:35 am
How do you /give potions that have sub values with the command block?
If I put "/give @a 373" it gives bottle of water as expected.
[size=10pt]But if I put "/give @a 373:8265" (8min Potion of Strength) nothing happens. [/size]
  • ZaphodX
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 74
  • Legendary Warrior
  • September 24, 2012, 8:08 am
I *think* /give 373:8265 doesn't work on vanilla, I think you need a plugin like commandbook or essentials.
  • jerome1234
  • Level 15
  • Journeyman Architect
  • September 22, 2012, 4:15 pm
thanks you for this you rockk 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 diamond for you now i know how to get the command block
  • MLB_spartan
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • September 22, 2012, 5:32 am
Your missing a couple of things like witches and bats your also missing the invisibility potion but if u use it they can still see your armor and u can collect monster heads when u kill them and u can hang anything on a wall u can also have a pot and their is a new boss its the witho i think that is how u spell it thats the stuff i know but tomorrow their will be a new update for the pre release every sunday until halloween their will be a new update for the pre release your probably wondering y until halloween it is because that is when the actual update comes out. Thank you for your time hope u add that stuff.
  • ZaphodX
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 74
  • Legendary Warrior
  • September 22, 2012, 5:58 am
Yeah I haven't updated this in a month, been a bit too busy. Might add all the new features if I have time.
  • mikke121
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Geek
  • September 18, 2012, 12:18 pm
Night vision potion should be good, good luck now creepers! (I wonder how you will make them, I wonder if it will be really hard to make or easy)
  • brick56
  • Level 21
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • September 17, 2012, 3:48 pm
This is a Great Post
  • ZaphodX
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 74
  • Legendary Warrior
  • September 18, 2012, 12:36 am
Thanks ;) Need to update it :/

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