Real Talk 1: Servers

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avatar JoshScoperTV
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Hello everyone,

I'm joshscoper most people call me Josh, and seeing that this is my first blog I thought I'd introduce myself. Now onto the actual point of this post.

   Recently my build team has been getting tons of requests to do builds for small or newly developing servers, normally I wouldn't mind helping said servers out, our prices aren't set in stone so its relatively easy to have us do a cheap commissin, with that being said I don't want people to assume that I'm a money driven psycho. The issue I have with most of these requests is with the owners offering to pay us with donations they have yet to receive, am I the only person seeing an issue with this? Why are some server owners expecting donations, I'm starting to thoroughly believe that the reasoning behind owning a server has changed into a form of big business, I'm not saying that taking donations is wrong, I'm stating that in the case of creating a server solely to gain profit is an increasing issue amongst the plethora of minecraft servers that are online today. 
    I'm not here to shame anyone but an example of this can be related to me within the past few hours, a person requested skype information on the build team's account, after adding him he stated he heard that we were accepting donations for the team, misunderstanding this I assumed he was a fan of our work who wanted to simply help a new team. After continuing a conversation with the said person he later went on to clarify that he would give us a percentage of the donations from his server which was still being developed, I'm not bashing on him for aspiring to be popular and wanting to pull in donations but I do believe that he wishes only to gain a profit from the Minecraft community. Again I must reitorate that my team nor myself build solely based on money, but for some reason this bothered me. 
    If you are a server owner who actually enjoys the game and wants to establish a node for other players to experience the game along with you, more power to you. However if you are developing a server purely because you want to make money or become the next hypixel server you should honestly rethink your goals. Hypixel had to work to get his server network where it's currently at. What I'm hoping you all get out of this is that if you are developing your server please acknowledge the reasoning behind it, owning a server should be fun and enjoyable rather than a big business. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

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04/27/2015 4:58 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
Nothing to add here, I believe you said it all.
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