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Reasons Why Minecraft Doesn't Reduce Kid's Interest in the Real World

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As a parent, you need to keenly observe and regulate the activities your kids indulge in. Do they enjoy playing outside or building online with Minecraft? You also have to observe whether your child is comfortable or is being mistreated in school. Several child abuse research papers claim that kids who are bullied often love playing video games. Is that true?

To determine whether your child is undergoing abuse, keenly observe their behavior and note any drastic changes. Read free essay papers and examples online about child maltreatment to get a better understanding of what could be going on. You should, however, note that a child in love with video games is not necessarily disturbed. Worry less.

How Playing Minecraft Helps Kids Gain New Skills Important In the Real World

In the past, as indicated by essays on child abuse, lovers of video games are victims of mistreatment in their childhood. However, this is not always the case, especially with Minecraft. Since its inception, the game has made children better people than most expected. Here is why.

1. It boosts creativity

Minecraft is just like buying your kid Legos to build new and creative stuff. However, it is advantageous since there are no Lego parts dispersed all over the house. It is an app that gives your child the same creative freedom to build structures from nothing online as it would offline. It engages the brain fully.

This helps the child learn how to combine different materials to come up with more advanced material blocks for the game. As kids continue playing Minecraft, their minds are sharpened and they grasp concepts in school fast. They get used to solving problems.

2. Develops critical and analytical thinking

This video game can be categorized among the strategy apps that require the player to think critically think before making a move. At every given time, the player has a fixed amount of resources and it is up to them to make the most effective decisions. Minecraft teaches kids to critically analyze any situation before making a more.

It allows the player to find the move that will be most sensible in the game. This way, the child will learn to always evaluate any problem in the real world before deciding on the best way to approach it. This also helps in school while learning new concepts, especially in arithmetic.

3. It teaches patience and perseverance

Although Minecraft seems like a fairly simple game, it takes time before you can start building amazing and majestic monuments. For players in the game, it teaches them the skill of being patient and working slowly until success comes along.

It is a good skill for your child as it teaches them the value of working hard to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

4. Enhances teamwork among kids

The online feature in Minecraft lets children consult each other on how to go about different levels in the game. Moreover, the players can team up to work on a specific project by pulling all their resources together. This helps children learn to socialize and work as a team, both online and offline.

Several child abuse essay examples note that children who are abused learn how to socialize online while playing video games. This is the only place where they find friends who are not making them uncomfortable. It is a place of solace for the disturbed kid and the learning point on how to get better at dealing with other people for anybody.

5. It helps raise above discouragements

With Minecraft, it is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes you build a huge monument that falls apart because the weight is too much or something just wasn’t right. Since it is so interesting, one has no choice but to get past that disappointment and do the building again while correcting their mistakes.

Key point here is that you learn from your mistakes and rise above the disappointment. This is a valuable life skill that the game teaches young children playing. It urges them to always push towards success no matter how hard or impossible it seems at the losing moment.

Final Verdict

Most child abuse research papers I have come across tend to discourage parents from allowing their kids to play video games. However, you should allow moderate and controlled video gaming for your kids. It is very important to monitor the types of games your kids play to ensure they don’t play violent games. Minecraft is a good one; a recommended play for children.

It involves strategy, creativity and patience. Who would not want that for their child? It not only keeps your children sharp in school but also helps them gain some very important life skills. Minecraft makes kids interesting and interested in the real world.
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