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Rebirth Craft - Mod Creating Dev Blog #2

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Pherment avatar Pherment
Level 1 : New Explorer
Hello everyone, I'm Pherment! This is the second day of development of my Rebirth Craft mod.
I redid the texture of the Platinum Ingot. Now it does not look like a crystal, but looks like a full-fledged ingot. The game now has Platinum Ore. Also added Platinum Mana Ingot. Now it is not used for anything, but in the future, in order to make it, you will need to charge a regular platinum ingot on a special table with mana. You can make a cool staff out of it.
RebirthCraft 2
I added ingot and nugget craft.
craft platinum nuggetCraft Platinum Ingot
I also did something really cool. Platinum Ore will now spawn in caves. His spawned in world on 55-15 Height. Victory!
Platinum Ore Generation

Tomorrow I will make trees and a biome (about the biome, I'm not sure what I will do)
Good luck!

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