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Recover Banned/Left Player's Items

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NB: In order to recover items, you need to have access to the server files.
If you do not have this, ask the owner to help you.

Imagine this: You are playing on a server with your friends. One of those friends borrowed your amazing bow, but has not given it back yet and can't come online for a month. But you need the bow. What do you do?

In this guide, the item gatherer is the "Restorer" and the one with the items is the "Taker".

Step 1: Back-Up your world!
Why and How to Back-up Data
The first and possibly most important step is to back-up. Since you are working
in the world folder, a back-up is recommended. Following these steps
shouldn't corrupt your world, but back-ups are always handy. Copy the world save folder to a back-up location.

Step 2: Get UUIDs
Get the UUID of the Restorer and the Taker.
How to find UUIDs
UUIDs are coded names for players.
An easy way to find UUIDs is through the internet. Searching "Minecraft Username to UUID" will give you links to converters, or go to [url=mcuuid.net/. ]mcuuid.net/[/url]
Enter the required usernames. Copy these to a text editor (saving optional).

Step 3: Change Playerdata
The next step is to go to the world save folder. Open the folder named "playerdata" in that folder.
There will be files named e.g. 4a648d15-c344-4c26-8ca4-abdce509d54f.dat.
First, locate the Restorer's .dat file. Rename this file to Inventory.dat or whatever else you fancy.
Next, locate the Taker's .dat file. Rename this file to [RESTORER UUID].dat.
Next, restart the server.

Step 4: Claim Item(s)
When you join, you should have the inventory, ender chest inventory, hitpoints, hunger points, location etc. of the Taker.
What you want to do is place the required items in a chest.

Step 5: Revert Playerdata names
Revert the .dat files in the playerdata folder to their original titles.
How to Revert the file names
First, change the name of the .dat file of the Taker to [TAKER UUID].dat.
Next, change the name of the Inventory.dat (or what you named it) file to [RESTORER UUID].dat.
Restart the server.

Step 6: Take Items
When you join the server, your inventory, location, etc. should be back to normal.
Take the items from that you put in the chest and you're done: You now have recovered the lost items!

I hope this helped!
If you have any issues with this, please comment them: I'm more than happy to help!


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