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Redstone Tips and Tricks [1.7] [Setblock] [RainingBlocks] [{}]

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Level 49 : Master Engineer
Setblock Command:

This command is added in 1.7 and is VERY useful! The command allows you to place blocks through a command block. You can use it by doing /setblock [dataValue] [oldblockHandling] [dataTag].

X,Y,Z: These are where you want to place the block. Press F3 to see your x, y, and z. You can also do ~. ~ is a thing that will say how many blocks apart from the commandblock or you it will spawn at.

Tilename: You can use an ID number or a new 1.7 thing added: minecraft: This says which block will be placed.

DataValue: If the block your using is a multi-IDed block like wool or quartz blocks you can set the datavalue of it here.

OldblockHandling: If there was a block placed before in the same place then this space will determain what to do with the old one. You can put in destroy which will break the block spew particles and all the junk. You can put in replace which will get rid of the block put their before and will not drop anything or spew any particles.

Datatag: I'll have a detailed description of this part later in the blog, for you'll find this in almost any command.

When putting all this together you'll be able to place a cool block with out using your hand...or you could place a dirt :D!!! Example: /setblock ~ ~ ~ 1 1 destory this will place a block of stone down where your standing and it will destroy any other block close to it.

Summon Mobs:

This command is also added in 1.7 and is AWESOME!!! All map makers have been waiting for this.../summon :D! Here's how you use the command: /summon [x] [y] [z] [dataTag]

Mob: You put here what you want your mob can be. It doesn't have to be a mob though for it can be any Entity you want-fallingsand, ignitedtnt, boats and minecarts. You can also finally do Giant which is a giant zombie.

X, Y, and Z: ... i already went over this.

DataTag: ...

Example: /summon FallingSand ~1 ~10 ~ {Time:1,TileID:35,Data:14} This will spawn a falling red wool ten blocks in the air.

Raining Blocks Trick:

This trick is using the /summon command to make it rain blocks. This is a good way of building houses out of nothing.
Here's how you do it: First you need to figure out what will rain. Write down its Id and start laying down command blocks. Every command block you place will spawn 1 block. So if your building a 2D sculpture with this or something then your gonna need a lot of these! You can start with the redstone by typing this command in: /summon FallingSand ~ ~75 ~ {Time:1,TileID:,Data:. And that's how you get it to rain :3... this command will spawn a block that will fall from the sky. Now you just do that with your other command blocks and you can try to have some fun.

DataTag: [Complicated!]

THIS IS DATATAG!!! Datatag is a new thing added to 1.7. It's a new option added to the back of most commands. You can throw away your NBTEdit because datatag is the same thing, but IN-GAME! To use datatag at the end of your command write your datatag in { }. With these you can make custom potions, mobs, and items! Here are some examples of datatag commands:

Example:/give @p 373 1 16453 {CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:21,Amplifier:2,Duration:20},{display:{Name:"Potion of Awesomeness"}}]}
/summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {Equipment:[{id:276,tag:{ench:[{id:20,lvl:2}]}},{id:301,tag:{display:{color:0}}},{id:300,tag: {display:{color:0}}},{id:299,tag:{display:{color:0}}},{Damage:3,id:397,tag: {SkullOwner:butt49}}],CustomNameVisible:1,CustomName:"Buzzybrendan",DropItem:0}


THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!! So big i'ma have to skim through it. These commands take a long time to make-they take me 10 minutes a command. Some may say it's worth it in the end, some may not. This is an example of one of mine that might be used in a future schematic:

Example: /testraw @p {"text":"[Arena Fight]: ","extra":[{"text":"Join Arena? ","color":"green","extra":[{"text":" [Yes]","color":"blue","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/scoreboard players set @a JoinArena 1"}, "hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":"Join Arena"}}]}]}
This command will say in chat: [Arena Fight]: Join Arena? [Yes].
In this command if you press your chat button (t) and scroll over [Yes] it will say Join Arena.
Clicking on that will set off another command: /scoreboard players set @a JoinArena 1
You can do all sorts of stuff with this command-shops, games, choises. It's all up to you. And as you can see you can also use COLORS!!!!! -Happy Crafting

If any typos were made, or mistakes in redstone were constructed please contact me via comments or PM and i'll try to help solve your redstone problems ;)

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11/24/2013 3:57 pm
Level 24 : Expert Toast
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At the end you wrote /testraw when the command is actually /tellraw. Just a easily fixable typo.
11/25/2013 9:54 am
Level 49 : Master Engineer
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ok thnx
03/03/2014 5:22 pm
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#not fixed ???
03/16/2014 8:23 am
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#i'll get to it !!!
06/06/2014 6:44 am
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it does not work by the way
06/10/2014 4:17 pm
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It works for me... try copy and pasting
12/08/2013 6:59 pm
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No problem
09/14/2013 11:31 pm
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