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Redstone Tips and Tricks [Q & A] [Enviroment Friendly Tnt] [Attributes Tag] [MAKEING YOUR OWN SPAWNERS!!!]

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avatar buzzybrendan
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Hello PlanetMinecraft, it has been a while since i've last posted a redstone tips and tricks, but this time I have many tricks up my sleeve!!! Also this time I have a special Q & A activity for those of you who need answers to your restone problems and whatnot. So if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them in the next blog or via PM. So, let's get started!!!

Q & A:

Q: Buzzy, what is redstone?

A: Stop reading these blogs...

Q: Buzzy, how do you make more drinks in minecraft?

A: There are two ways; modding and via /give. Since this blog is about redstone i'm going to chose to ignore my own first response. /give 373 1 {CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:,Amplifier:,Duration:}]}
And btw, these are the data of the potion ids:
Effect Id Color Id Effect Color
1 8194 Speed Light Blue
2 8234 Slowness Cyan
3 ------ Haste ------
4 ------ Mining Fat. ------
5 8201 Strength Magenta
6 16453 Inst. Health Pink
7 16460 Inst. Damag. Purple
8 ------- Jump Boost -------
9 ------- Nausea -------
10 8193 Regeneration Light Pink
11 ------- Resistance --------
12 8227 Fire Resist. Orange
13 8237 Water Brea. Blue
14 8238 Invisibility Gray-Purp.
15 ------ Blindness -------
16 8230 Night Vision Blue
17 ------ Hunger -------
18 8232 Weakness Gray
19 8196 Poison Green
20 ------ Wither -------
21 ------ Health Boost -------
22 ------ Absorption ------
23 ------ Saturation -------

Q: Wow, did that take a long time to write?

A: You have no idea... o.0

Q: How do you give items custom names via commands?

A: With the datatag: display:{Name:""}

Enviroment Friendly "Tnt":

Ever want to make a trampoline or something in minecraft, but are bummed out when you HAVE to put water down to prevent the explosion from destroying everything? It only takes two simple steps and your trampoline (or whatever your building)!!! First type in your chat box: /gamerule mobGriefing false. This will prevent mobs from damaging blocks. Can you see where i'm going with this? :3 Now with the NEW /summon command added in 1.7 type in the chat box (or this time in a command block). /summon Creeper {ignited:1,Fuse:-20} TADA!!!!! Good luck with those trampolines (or whatever you build... IDK).

Creating your OWN spawners!!!:

When your playing on survival sometimes (if your lucky) you may come across a dungeon. The loot and mossy cobble are cool and all, but then there is the spawner... the thing that could only be accessed via pick block, commands, or an outside editor. But even when you got it, all you could spawn was pigs... and although that's ok with me because I LOVE DA PIGGIES!!!! sometimes they're needed for adventure maps, and fun stuff n' stuff n' stuff... BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT WITH THE NEW IN-GAME NBT-EDITOR DATABASES AND CRAP YOU CAN MAKE CUSTOM SPAWNERS?!!!! ... yes? well then at least i'll show you how...

Step 1:

To get a basic and default spawner run this command:

/setblock mob_spawner 0

Step 2:

To set a specific entity type on the spawner run this command:

/setblock mob_spawner 0 {EntityId:}

Step 3:

To give the entity certain data (for example armor or effects):

/setblock mob_spawner 0 {EntityId:,SpawnData:{}}

Step 4:

For special spawner data that does not effect the entity itself:

/setblock mob_spawner 0 {EntityId:,RequiredPlayerRange:,MinSpawnDelay:,MaxSpawnDelay:,MaxNearbyEntities:,SpawnCount:}

Just mess around with that and you'll have your spawner :D!!!!

Attributes Tag:

This right here is seriously messing with mobs xD!!! With the attributes tag you can:

  • Set the speed of the mob
  • Set the follow range of the mob
  • Set the health of the mob
Here's how it works:

Since the Attributes thing is a datatag you'll need to learn some of that first... or not.
The main part is the start:


That is there for everything on the attributes you do.
The names are:


Now to test some:

To make something not walk do:


Catching On?

To make something be able to sence others from thousands of blocks away do:


You gotta understand by now...

And finally, to make a mob with 250 hp (like a boss :3) do:



Thank you so much for reading this addition of Redstone Tips and Tricks I hope you liked and please slap that favorite button with yo face and if you have glasses or a face condition just slap it with your hand (like a BORING PERSON would...)... I hope you like what I made and please subscribe


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