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Redstone Tips and Tricks [Self-rebuilding Mines] [Firework Creeper] [Kill-all]

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avatar buzzybrendan
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Hello and welcome back to yet ANOTHER Redstone Tips and Tricks!!! No Q&A today, but were now messing with some 1.8!!!!

Self-Rebuilding Mines:

Have you ever been on a server in-which they had little mines that after a while reset so that you can use it over again. That is a new possibility with Minecraft 1.8!!! Amazing huh?!!! First build your mine. It is recommended by me to build something 20 wide and 10 high. This is because to make this we use the /clone and clone has a limit.

Once you've finished set up a command block with these parameters:


The final step is to finally have a very Very VERY large redstone clock that connects to the command block(mine being 5 minutes)

And your done unless of course you don't want to suffocate while its resetting and you so happen to be mining. Simply set up another command block connected to the redstone clock as well and right this command inside of it:

/tp @a[r=] ~ ~

And your done!!!!

Firework Creeper:

Ever wanted to make the creeper well...better? Well now you can!!! With the new Firework Creeper!!! This creeper will summon fireworks that explode instantly everywhere he goes!!!

To make him first simply make a "template creeper". To do this type the following command into a command block:

/summon Creeper ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:FireworkCreeper}

Nothing else is needed to make the template. But that's the easy part. Now run a clock(redstone :3) into two more command blocks with the following codes:

/summon FireworksRocketEntity ~ ~100 ~ {LifeTime:11,FireworksItem:{id:401,Count:1,tag:{Fireworks:{Explosions:[{Flicker:1,Trail:1,Type:1,Colors:[16711680],FadeColors:[16711680]}]}}}}


/tp @e[type=FireworksRocketEntity,r=110] @e[name=FireworkCreeper]

This will just about do it!!! You now have a fireworks creeper!!! Tada!!! Stay Tuned for more "Elemental Creepers"!!


Just another command you can find on a server!!! This is possible in 1.8 as well!!! YAY!!! Also it's a lot simpler than the auto-rebuilding mine! It is just one simple command that's possible with 1.8's new operations. Here's the command:

/kill @e[type=!Player]

This sounds like it kills the player right?!! WRONG!!! It uses a ! in front of player. In java coding(which is what makes up Minecraft) ! = Not. So in java code this means: "Kill everything but not the player".

Mods In-game:

With all the new 1.8 stuff it's becoming possible to make "mods" in minecraft. And although I don't mean that you can make REAL mods I will be doing stuff like this in my next blog. It will be a new blog series. So goodbye and slam your face against the

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buttons!!!! See ya!!!! NOT :D cause you can't see me... cause i'm a... ninja. And because your reading a blog.

02/16/2014 8:48 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
With these new 1.8 commands, people will be able to build adventure maps that are on a whole other level then previous ones.

Anyway, here's a diamond.
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