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Restive, Supine, Winterheld in Time

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Giancarlovan avatar Giancarlovan
Level 39 : Artisan Loremaster
Restive, Supine, Winterheld in Time

Gales blow off gnarled branches rime
Flitting glitter in the eons of time
Tracing many a cold line
Etched upon bark and rock syne
Accosting across hoarfrosted thyme
And musty damp-turned-clamp grime
To poison the tempered wine
Commemorating empire’s decline
Occluding hopes for daytime
Onsetting the bitter cold clime
To litter with shards so fine
The paths towards snowy shrine
T’was nature’s greatest crime
Besotting many a mimetic mime
In their youth nary but scorned swine
Sidelined to line the alpine
Now to bring forth winter’s wrath in prime
With vengeance sour as lime
To challenge the eternal and divine
Shrouded in shadow, abhorring moonshine
For for them this was wartime
Yet the joy to fell was playtime
And soon the ice jagged skyline
Made claws and fangs of sunshine
To gnash and abate springtime
And ever toxify with sorrow chyme
The frozen flowers wilted on the vine
And icy thorns in cold malice entwine

A tease of the brain for the teased hearts – enjoy the poem and enjoy the holidays!

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12/22/2021 2:33 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
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