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Retaliation Chapter 1: Chaos Awakens

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Retaliation Chapter 1: Chaos Awakens

The world of Minecraftia is one we're all familiar with. The same lovable sandbox game countless people have played over the years with advanced technology. But the truth was, it wasn't just a game. As the game developed, a whole world was unintentionally created o one that went ignored by the creators. That is, until it was too late.

When it was discovered, They knew it was going to pose a threat to Their own universe if they left it to grow further. So They intervened, bringing down Their wrath down upon the world.

In a particular city known as Jalcuk City, explosions ripped through the air. Buildings were set ablaze by madmen, not caring for whoever may be inside. Gunfire echoed from the alleyways, screams of the dying sounding off as if responding to each other. There was no more government, no more order o only chaos and anarchy would reign from this day onwards.

The day known as the Great Apocalypse.

The day the world's sanity snapped without reason, turning it against itself. Political figures were assassinated brutally, money no longer counted for anything. Civilization itself was reset, all currency quickly collapsing down to raw materials.

In one particular alleyway, a powerful bang rang out as blood splattered several feet up the wall. The owner of the gun lowered it slightly, the muzzle still smoking from the powerful shot. Its owner was a 20-year old, with pitch-black hair and pale skin. Two sharp brown eyes flickered wildly, roving the alley in case of another ambush. Relaxing, he turned, his long black overcoat following his movements.

"It should be safe o for now," Darius Loyhrs muttered with the slightest hint of a Scottish accent as he reloaded his gun; a Colt Anaconda revolver made specifically for him. Not the best gun, but it was one he had a particular affection with. His parents peeked out timidly from the side alley they were hiding in. Darius' father recoiled at the sight of the body on the floor.

"Why'd you kill him?" he asked heatedly. Darius pointed calmly at the gun clutched in the corpse's hands.

"If it wasn't him, it would've been us." Darius' face darkened briefly before stepping forwards and pulling them from their alleyway. "Now, come on. If we don't hurry, others might come along."

As he moved, his overcoat flapped for a second, revealing a foot-long dagger strapped to his belt. Darius picked up speed, forcing his parents to speed up as well. He was starting to feel glad he'd taken up lessons from his uncle, who was a military officer. The same person Darius depended on to bring his parents to.

Thankfully, after the initial skirmish, no one stepped out to challenge him further. In a mere five minutes, he was there.

"Whato ¦ what happened?" Darius asked aloud. His uncle's house was already ransacked, the windows broken. Suddenly, he heard a scuffle from inside. "Uncle!"

Darius ran forward after telling his parents to stay put and hide. Checking his Anaconda once more, he jumped in through the window, gritting his teeth as a small cut opened in his arm. Landing heavily, he sprang to his feet. The sounds of struggle were reverberating from the upper floor. Darius pounded up the stairs, preparing himself for the inevitable fight coming up.

The door slammed open, nearly flying off its hinges as Darius brutally kicked down the lock. The ear-splitting sound that followed a second later, Darius quickly assumed was the door. But when his eyes caught up with his bodyo ¦

His uncle's corpse laid face-down on the floor in a growing puddle of blood o Darius had been mere seconds late. The men there backed away, laughing. They jumped for the window, landing on the overhang outside of it. They were going to jump to the ground. And they were going for his parents,

Darius wouldn't give them the chance.

He ran to his uncle first, turning him over and checking his pulse. He was dead for sure, and carrying the body would be literal dead weight. Darius ran to the broken window and jumped out, landing beside the looters who had killed his uncle. One particular looter ran forward with a knife in hand o and instantly had his face blown into a cloud of red mist. The decapitated body fell lifelessly to the ground, the other looters surging away from the muzzle of Darius' revolver.

"Darius!" a voice cried out. He whirled around and saw that two looters had already jumped and seized his parents, pressing a gun to their heads. Gritting his teeth, Darius pocketed his gun and raised his hands warily.

"What do you want?" he called out, loudly and clearly. Darius turned to see the door open, and another looter stepped out, wearing cleaner clothes than the rest; he was undoubtedly their leader.

"Put the gun on the floor," he said. Darius waited, hands raised as the man stepped closer.

Ten feet.

Five feet.

Until they were inches from each other's faces. Darius stared frigidly into his eyes o and lowered his hands slowly, bringing out his revolver and dropping it on the floor, letting it fall with a clatter. Triumph glinted in the looter's eyes, and he waved his hand.


Two gunshots rang out in near unison. Darius could see his parents being held down over the looter's shoulder, but was powerless to help as the wounds opened in his parents' faces, as their lifeblood poured to the ground, as the looters began to laugh once more. Filled with rage at their deaths, he moved faster than anyone could see.

Within a mere second, he'd drawn his knife, collected his revolver from the floor, and tore into the ranks of the looters. They cried out as Darius' knife sliced from neck to neck, blood drenching him. But for that moment, he was stronger, faster, more powerful than anyone there.

Lowering the bloody knife, he turned to admire the grisly scene. His eyes flickered up from the corpses and saw the leader lying there, blood still spurting from his neck, and holding a dead man's weapon in his hands. Leveling the rifle at Darius' face, he fired a single shot.

Time slowed down as the bullet pierced his left eye, tearing apart the tissues and leaving little behind. Darius fell to the ground, his skull set ablaze by the horrible pain he was suffering. His eye would never see again, but mercifully, he had lived. Thanks to a misfire, the bullet had only reached in so far as the eye socket o no further.

Darius' only remaining eye was losing focus o the pain was too overwhelming. As his eyesight darkened, he saw the gun fall from the looter's hands. He was dead.

There was no one left but him.
He was alone.


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