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avatar The Doctor BW
Level 28 : Expert Pony
Texture packs:

This one isn't much. But it's something.

Odds are, If you're reading this, you have read my other two blogs. This is the last one I can do for a while.

Here we go.

Texture packs, for you noobs, are something that you can put into your game to make it look better. For most of them posted here, you need MCPatcher.

One problem with the texture packs Here is that they are pirated or posted by someone else, in order to 'Help' Them spread the word. Just like the first one, PMC experience leeches. The place is loaded with them. They will do anything. They will download a popular texture pack, edit it a little, and then a month or two later, they will post it on PMC and claim it as their own. The original texture pack owners will probably see it sometime, but will do what any red-blooded englishman will do. Ignore it. Maybe complain, but mostly go about their business pretending that it doesn't exist. This is a big mistake. As soon as you see it, report it. It is stolen art used by a leech to level up so he can get a higher social ranking.


1.Click on the iCon

2.Click on the little red flag

3. Explain that this is your texture pack, link it to the original, and It'll sort out pretty well.

The problem with this is that some people will say, 'It's just a Koinkydink' And go about their own business.

The best way to stop this is to leave a 'Scratch' on your texture pack. Leave a very small, unnoticeable mark on something you'll definitely remember. THIS WILL HELP. If the thief's texture pack has the same mark, you can tell it's yours and explain the 'Scratch'. If the thief can recognize it, hide a file inside the texture pack. Make it very well hidden. Tell the admins where it is, and you can prove it's yours. The best place to hide it is in an extensive mod folder. Drag and drop all the PNG files from the Aether mod extension into a folder called 'Aether' in your thing. If you want to modify the Aether textures, go ahead. But since the Aether expansion is so big, It's easy to hide something in there. Another idea is to make multiple 'Scratches' to prevent theft. Not so easy to find now, eh? If all of these fail, then I'm pretty sure it's easy to tell even theno ¦ by sight and looking at all the images. Because a person Who comes up with some texture pack that looks almost exactly like yourso ¦ Is probably not A coincidence.


These really piss me off. People will just put the default image packets in a .zip file, post them and pass them off as a 'Template' while Raking in XP. If someone really wants to make a texture pack, they should find the files on their own. It's not too hard.Just go into the jar file and sort by file type. Scary.


More than one person worked on DokuCraft. Doku left credits. More than one person worked on Sphax. Sphax left credits. So you should leave credits too. When you post a texture pack to the world, at least say whose texture pack you based it off of, whether by design or editing the files inside of that pre-made texture pack. It's not cool to say you did it all by yourself. Even if you don't say that, that's what people think. Leave royalties to what you used for the research on your texture pack. If your importing other sprites, tell the public where they got the Sprites. And if they don't read that part, and then accuse you of stealing and not leaving credits, you can have a good laugh when you show them you did leave credits.


These ones take the biscuit. I go on PMC and I see a 1x1 texture pack on the front page. Let me ask you before you download that: HOW MUCH WORK WENT INTO THIS? None. That's how much. So a person gets famous for a little while for resizing everything down to 1x1. Genius. Now if you make a 16x16 texture pack, odds are it's sh*t. But if you make it look goodo ¦

KUDOS TO YOU! That takes a lot of work, to make a low-res look good. Post it in the description below. I'll subscribe.

~Doctor, www.youtube.com/user/FireLeopardGoesBOOM

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  • Nicolas225
  • Level 2
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  • July 10, 2012, 6:49 am
True... Dat? Err- Not sure if it works there but I agree with you..

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