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Minedeas 2: Reverse Trading

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KCPY's Avatar KCPY
Level 37 : Artisan Architect

Since 1.3.1 villagers (NPCs) have been able to trade with you but you could not chose what was being sold and what for. With this mechanic you would be able to make your own trades and then chose what your selling it for. This would be a nice touch to the game. I am sure that some of you are thinking that you could make it so you could trade a dirt block for a diamond block, but I have a solution.

Sea Lantern

Each item will have a rating and that rating will get larger depending on the items value. You can then only trade items of the same value. The way this would work is that when you are ten or less blocks away from a villager and it likes your trade then an emerald will appear above there head then if you click on them then they will complete the trade and then you will get the item.

To make this more advanced you could have it so that there is a 1 in 50 chance that the villager is a robber and that they do not give you the item. There would be a way to tell if they are a robber and that would be that the emeralds above there head is darker.
This could involve an edit to the survival inventory. In creative this edit could also happen and the trading would be done so that any villager will do the trade however bad it is. Another way for this to work could be that you that the villager trading menu could be customisable so that you cold make your own trades.

The last note is that you could have a potion of persuasion that would be brewed with a book. when you splash it on a villager they will be willing to accept any offer.

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08/09/2017 6:08 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Hunter
Froghunter778's Avatar
You got a typo in the title
08/08/2017 4:36 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
mrmob56's Avatar
point: wouldn't work for survival mode, however great Idea for creative, it would be nothing more than an easier /summon ability