Review- WearMC: Community-made Accessories in Minecraft!

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WearMC is my favorite mod, and honestly the only mod I use right now, other tham MCpatcher and World Painter. WearMC is a mod for vanilla Minecraft (1.7.10 as of January 1, 2015) that adds customization to your minecraft character more than just changing your skin. This adds a gallery of user-created accessories and additions, as well as complete changes to the playermodel. Users can compile a list of up to 100 items as favorites, and equip as many customizations as you would like to each part of your character. Users have the ability to publish their own content for themselves, as well as to share with others. Support is enabled for both vanilla 1.7.10 and Forge 1.7.10. The prime feature of this mod is that customization through the website is compatible with multiplayer as well, not only  you being able to see your customizations there, but also others wit hthe mod installed seeing your customizations, and you seeing theirs. Also, if you're playing on a newer version without WearMC installed, others on 1.7.10 with it installed will be able to still see your customizations, but you won't see theirs. Above is SSundee's review of this mod, if you'd like to watch it. Below are links to the official site, the gallery, downloads section, modding instructions, WearMC contact information, and the official Minecraft Forums link for WearMC.



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