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[REVIEW] Corneroids AKA steve in space

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NathanLithia avatar NathanLithia
Level 53 : Grandmaster Network
Love Minecraft and Space travel? Well here's the game for you
Mine Planets for Ore, Melt them down into Materials and Build your Dream ship
Fly around the universe with your creativity, Whether its a Small Mining vessel
a Massive Frigate that can cut planets in half with its main gun
Or simply a Space pirate Stripping ships apart, Your in controll

This Game Contains alot of fun and it Deserves alot more attention

The Game Has a Multiplayer Option and can support 1/8 players
Do take note that this blog was created during version 1.2.0 of corneroids
Expect changes because its in alpha!

Now imagine What this game would be when heavy development starts on this game

there will be Planet cracking And harvesting Recources like the Ishimura on Deadspace

there will be Massive Fleets Conqouring Alliances For minerals

there will be mining facilitys gathering ore for its trade

and there will be deffilantly Space Pirates taking ores and taking controll of the trade

The EVE online of the future

the main features of the game (V.1.2.0)
The Game currently Holds
Ship weapons
Ship thrusters and physics
hand held weapons and drills
and different ship materials
and lovely Multiplayer

I have really enjoyed this game but the game lacks stability because it is in its early alpha

You can Get this game FREE at

To play the game you will need:

Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 Installer
MicroSoft .NET Framework 3.5
the system requirements can be found on the Corneroids website

I give this game a Score of 8/10
but i can tell that this Game is heading in the right direction to becoming very popular

Here's a ship i designed earlier with Travellbro's mod pack

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10/28/2015 8:05 am
Level 84 : Elite Programmer
Arcaniax avatar
:D nice old submission
Planet Minecraft


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