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Review on AcornServers - Game Server Hosting

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Chikerenaham avatar Chikerenaham
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Hello there, I would just like to give a review on AcornServers. I will be editing this post with updates of how is my server going.

The trailer was from their thread from the MinecraftForums

Pricing: 5/5

I've seen cheaper (£4.00/GB of RAM), but it was definitely worth it. The performance of the server was incredible.

Performance: 5/5

Awesome performance, I wasn't lagging at all. I got my friends and tried to blow up a whole load of TNT and the server lagged for a few seconds only. Considering my location which was nowhere close the UK or France and with horrible internet, I am impressed with it.

Support: 5/5

The server had a small problem, but I made it big. The staff were being very patient with me and helped me solve my problems. Tickets weren't responded immediately but it was definitely helpful and friendly

Control Panel: 4/5

They use the TCAdmin Control panel, which is actually pretty cool (I've seen too much of Multicraft). It manages the server well enough without ease. Uploading was a bit chunky but still decent.

Features: 5/5

I got a load of features from them, just wish there was a 1-click modpack installer, but won't blame them for that. Not a lot of hosts have a 1-click modpack installer, requires manual setup. DDoS protection, weekly backups and MySQL Database came without extra cost. No extra support fees too!

Website: 4/5

The site looks neat and clean. They've just recently updated it and looks awesome!

Overall Rating: 4/5

The server and everything else is awesome. Staff was friendly and patient, which I really like to see in every host. Would recommend this host for Small to Medium server networks, as the plans aren't meant for large networks and they don't have suitable plans for large networks.

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